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The work of copper T is?

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint: The Copper-T is an intrauterine device used in female contraception. It is a birth control unit that is non-hormonal, sitting in your womb or uterus. It is a t-shaped piece of plastic wrapped with a coil of copper wire. It is inserted in the female uterus by a physician. The lifetime of copper T ranges from three to ten years depending upon the quality of the intrauterine device. Copper T is one of the most effective and reversible contraceptives for birth control.

Complete answer:
The copper T device prevents fertilization by reducing the number and viability of sperm reaching the egg. It also reduces the number and movement of eggs into the uterus. The working principle of copper T is that the copper ions from the coil enter the uterus. It gets mixed with uterine fluids and cervix mucus. The copper ion rich uterine fluid acts as a spermicide and kills the sperms that enter in the uterus.
If fertilization still happens, the copper rich environment in the uterus will prevent the implantation of fertilized eggs. In this way copper T devices prove to be more effective than other contraceptive methods. Some of the side effects of copper intrauterine devices include untimely bleeding, copper allergy, automatic ejection and infections in the uterus.

Copper T is used as an emergency contraception for \[5\] days after unprotected sexual intercourse. The action of the copper ions stops once the intrauterine device is removed. This makes the uterus go back to normal. Copper T won’t affect fertility or interfere with future birth plans once it is removed. This device doesn’t react with the hormonal system of the body. It’s also inexpensive.