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Lens used to remove long sightedness (hypermetropia) is
A person suffering from hypermetropia requires which type of spectacle lenses.

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: Long sightedness is corrected using outward facing lens. Long sight can be corrected through glasses or some cured by laser surgery or through contact lens. Long sightedness is corrected through wearing glasses with lenses prescribed for who were suffering from long sightedness.

Complete step-by-step solution:
Lens used to remove long sightedness or hypermetropia is Convex lens. Convex lens is placed near the hypermetropia, which moves the image forward and focuses correctly only on the retina.
A person with hypermetropia or long sightedness can clearly see objects which are far away from them but not clearly. It will be caused due to the shape of the eye, and for this type of long sightedness is treated by glasses or through contact lenses which are placed through convex lenses.
Long sightedness is caused due to the refractive error by imperfection in the eye. This imperfection changes through the way our eyes focus on the light that passes into it.
Adults over 40 who are already suffering from long sightedness or who are farsighted often need glasses to read at an early stage of life.
Hypermetropia has three types: congenital, simple and acquired hypermetropia. It is corrected through glasses with convex lens or with contact lens.

Note: The convex lenses refract the light which enters into the eye and decreases the image distance. The contact lens or glasses with convex lenses are used for long sightedness. To reduce long sightedness slowly we have to take care of eyesight from light which doesn’t enter into the eye directly.