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In which of the following areas the sub-irrigation is used?
High water tables
B. Low water table
C. Moist soil
D. No water at all

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint:-Sub-irrigation otherwise called leakage water system is a strategy for water systems where water is conveyed to the plant root zone. The overabundance might be gathered for reuse. Sub-irrigation is utilized in developing field yields, for example, tomatoes, peppers, and sugar sticks in zones with high water tables, for example, Florida and in business nursery activities.

Complete Answer:-Three fundamental kinds of the sub-irrigation framework are when all is said in done use for pruned plants in nurseries: rhythmic movement (seat-mounted fenced-in areas holding pots are filled and afterward depleted); box (water is moved through seat-mounted, marginally inclining nooks containing pots); and overwhelmed floor (unique slanted solid ground surface is overflowed and depleted).
Nursery sub-irrigation has been filling in ubiquity since the 1990s. Favorable circumstances are water and supplement preservation and work sparing. The equipment cost is generally high. Expected issues, for example, the chance of expanded presence of sickness in reuse water, have just started to be explored.
One of the hindrances of sub-flooded shut frameworks, such as Earth Boxes and sub-watered growers, is that dissolvable salts can't be flushed into the lower soil profile and develop after some time.
The Sub-water system framework is the cycle wherein the water is gone through the foundations of the plants.
It is likewise known as the drainage water system. In business arranging, a sub-water system framework is situated beneath in a crate or a holder.
Appropriate plan and development are basic since even little ill-advised varieties in evaluation can have broad outcomes that are basically difficult to fix.

So, the correct answer is “option-A”

Note:- Sub-irrigation can be done on a considerably bigger scope by fixing enormous segments of the floor with concrete or plastic, molded in order to permit all water to deplete into a focal channel.
Water gracefully lines and waste lines are joined legitimately into the solid. Low dividers (controlling or elastic guards) are utilized to turn the framework into useful circuits. Activity is equivalent to with overflowed tables