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Forest destruction results in?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Forest destruction or deforestation is the clearing of forests to meet the demands of the human population. The deforestation process disturbs the ecological balance. It affects the environment and wildlife. It also results in various natural problems and calamities all over the world.

Complete answer-
Forest destruction involves the permanent clearing of forests for various purposes. It includes the conversion of forested land into agricultural land, overgrazing of animals, fuel, timber etc. The main cause of forest destruction is the growing human population. This increases the demand for food, fuel, timber for construction etc.
However, as we know trees add oxygen to the environment. The cutting of trees results in increased carbon dioxide in the environment. This further adds to the various problems by disturbing the healthy environment. It results in the greenhouse effect.
The increasing temperature due to the greenhouse effect also contributes to climate change. It results in excessive rainfall in some areas while no rainfall in other areas. Hence, forest destruction also causes floods and droughts.
The forests provide shelter to a variety of living organisms. The removal of forests results in loss of habitat of these organisms and thus, loss of wildlife.
The forests act as a soil binder. It binds the soil and prevents many natural calamities such as soil erosion and landslides. But forest destruction causes degradation of forest soil and it becomes weaker. This leads to soil erosion which further results in floods.

Thus the answer to the above question is that forest destruction results in loss of wildlife, drought, floods, soil erosion etc. They are an important part of the ecosystem. The removal of forests results in climate change and loss of habitat.

Trees play a significant role in ecological balance. So, in order to save the planet Earth, we should adopt some measures that can reduce the greenhouse effect and climate change. By planting more and more trees, increasing awareness among the people about the harmful effect of deforestation, adopting a plant-based diet and using recycled products we can reduce the effects of deforestation.