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Fastest distribution of some injectable injection/medicine and with no risk of any can be achieved by injecting it into the
A. Lymph tissues
B. Muscles
C. Veins
D. Arteries

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: Out of the given options only veins and muscles are the only structures which can be accessible easily with the help of injections and the other two structures are situated deeper into the skin and may require proper surgery to inject anything onto them.

Complete answer:
We all have studied about the circulation of fluids inside our body and we know that blood flows inside the arteries and veins. Also, the one thing which we should keep in mind is that the arteries are located deeper inside the skin and are not easily seen with bare eyes. So, if the choice is between the arteries and veins then the clear answer is veins.
But we have other options also, we are injecting injections so as to provide the body with immunity against a problem. So, if the injection is given in muscle then it will remain only in that specific muscle as the muscles are not connected to each other in a way that the inner substances can flow from one muscle to another. Therefore, injections are given in muscle just to provide relief from a temporary pain and not for a longer duration and if the injection is given in veins, then the effect produced is of longer duration and it can travel to the place where the problem is occurring easily with the help of blood.
Also taking into consideration the bioavailability of drugs in the medicine, then it remains intact as the medicine does not undergo any metabolism which happens in the case when medicine is taken orally. The liver tends to act on the medicine and reduces the bioavailability of drugs and also it takes time. The intravenous injection provides relief in seconds.
The last option is the lymph tissue, no injection is given there for a problem as the lymph tissue already has immune cells present inside it and it may treat the medicine as a foreign substance and act on it.

Therefore, the correct answer is the option C.

Because of the rapid action of the intravenous injections, the drips and glucose are supplied intravenously only. The risk of having any complication is nearly zero as the blood will take the medicine along with it without diffusing it at any other place. During accidents the medicine is provided intravenously only to reduce pain.