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Expand the following abbreviations.
i. RDT
ii. BAC
ii. SSBP

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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> RDT is a type of technology for the fusion of different kinds of DNA.
> BAC id the kind of a vector
> SSBP is a kind of a binding protein.

Complete answer:
i. RDT: RDT stands for Recombinant DNA technology. This technology refers to the linking together of DNA molecules from two distinct species, and then this combination of DNA is introduced into a host organism to generate new genetic combinations that are of importance in the field of science, medicine, agriculture, and industry.
ii. BAC: BAC stands for Bacterial Artificial Chromosome. A bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) is used to clone DNA sequences in bacterial cells (for example, E. coli). It is an engineered DNA molecule or a type of vector.
iii. SSBP: SSBP stands for Single-Stranded DNA Binding Protein. This protein (SSB) binds to single-stranded regions of DNA and during replication, it stops the DNA strands from hardening, it also prevents the single-stranded DNA from being broken down by nucleases during repair, and the removal of the secondary structure of the strands so that other enzymes can access them and act efficiently on the strands is also done by SSBP

Note: Apart from Bacterial Artificial Chromosome there is also YAC which stands for Yeast artificial chromosomes and it is used for the cloning in the yeast cells. Thus both BAC and YAC are artificial DNA constructs.