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Do the muscles pull the structures or push them, explain?

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint: The muscles are connected with the bones and with the help of muscles the bones can move or rotate from its place. This occurs by cyclic contraction and relaxation of the muscle tissues. The muscle also prevents the bone from any damage.

Complete answer:
Normally if we see muscles, then they are made up of muscle fibers which are present in groups and together forms a muscle. Now these muscle fibers work in a synchronized manner and they are responsible for the cause of movement due to the muscles. The muscle fibers undergo regular contraction and relaxation continuously whenever there is need to do any activity.
Now if we analyze how the action of bones occurs then we will observe that it is the muscles which are responsible for the action of bones. The muscle is present along with the bones and whenever the bones are required to do any work the muscle fiber contracts which leads the muscle to pull up the bone and cause action. When the work is done then the muscle fibers relax making the bone go to its normal state.
The muscles are of different types depending upon the location where they are present and the type of work which is done by that location. The muscular movements are also of two types, involuntary where we cannot control the movement of muscles and the other being voluntary movement where we can regulate the movement of the muscles and bones.

The voluntary muscles are present in the heart of the humans and they are called cardiac muscles due to their presence in the heart. The work continuously without break leading to contraction and relaxation movement of heart and pumping of the blood in and out.