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Last updated date: 28th Nov 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

What will you do if you see a person coming in contact with a live wire.

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Hint: Live wire means the wire in which the current is flowing. We have read about conductors and insulators. In conductors, there are some good conductors and bad conductors. Note that the human body is a very good conductor. That's why we get shocked when there is some short circuit or touch some current wire. In insulators the current can’t flow.

Complete step by step answer:
If the person touches the live wire then the current from the wire is flowing through them into the ground because the human body is a good conductor. You should not touch him since you will then also provide a path to ground through your body. You should also keep in mind some factors like knocking the wire into a puddle or conducting surface.
The best way is always to turn the voltage supply i.e switch off the main switch. This is not always possible. Hence you must be aware and see what risks you are willing to take. Things like an insulator (wooden pole or broom, etc) can be used to separate the wire from the person or push the person from the wire.

Note: Some rescues are done by looping a non-conducting belt around an extremity and pulling. In other cases, it can be possible to body block the person from the wire so you could get a mild shock and this would be a last resort and with the realization of being harmed. Hence, Use something non-conductive to remove a person or wire from the death grip.