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Composted manure is produced from
A. Farmyard manure and green manure
B. Farm refuse and household refuse
C. Organic remains of biogas plants
D. Rotted vegetables and animal faecal refuse

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Hint: The word compost means any organic material which is decomposed. It may be leaves, twigs, waste from the kitchen or any other waste. Manure is also an organic material which mainly includes animal faeces and may also include green manure and green leaf manure. Composted manure is used as a substitute for fertilizer in agricultural fields so as to improve the fertility of the soil in a natural way.

Complete answer:
In recent times, the word compositing was more frequently used and it can be done in the household itself. The outcome of composting is the compost which comprises well decomposed organic matter. The organic matter here includes both greens and browns. Greens here include the leaves,grass or any rotted vegetables from the kitchen,vegetable peels and other organic wastes. Brown includes any carbon material such as paper,wood etc. All these wastes are arranged in alternate layers along with the soil which is left aside for about a month or two. This mixture is regularly turned upside down for aeration so that different organisms start breaking down this waste. In the villages, cow dung or any other animal dung is used as manure for plant growth. By the above explanation, composted manure includes rotten vegetables and animal faeces.

The correct answer is option D

The composting can be down in three different ways which are aerobic, anaerobic and vermicomposting. In aerobic composting, microorganisms that require oxygen are used and in anaerobic composting, the process proceeds in the absence of oxygen and in vermicomposting, decomposition is triggered by earthworms. All the composts are nutrient rich and act as soil conditioners.