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Common energy source in villages
A. Electricity
B. Coal
C. Biogas
D. Wood and animal dung

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: Energy in any form is required to regulate all the activities of life by all living forms for better survival. Villages tend to use commonly available goods more. And they use cheap means for energy production. In villages, the people avoid to use the expensive means of energy sources as they use the cheap means for energy production which is easily available in villages.

Complete answer:
Energy consumption is one of the most important aspects of living organisms. Humans have found a way to harness sources of energy and convert it into convenient forms of energy. All the options here are different sources of energy. But it should be understood that the prime use of this is to convert into another form of energy.
Electricity is used to operate almost all pieces of equipment in the urban population. It can be converted to heat energy, sound energy, etc. given the right apparatus. So electricity is used for everything from cooking food to entertainment. But most villages do not have access to proper electrification.
Coal is used mainly for electricity production and steel manufacturing. It is used as a fuel as well. The domestic use of coal is mostly limited to cold regions, where they are used as heating surfaces to cook.
Biogas as an energy source is used mostly for cooking, as a fuel, and in a gas engine to produce electricity. One interesting aspect of biogas is, it can be made in an everyday household using biological waste products. It helps to cut down on the use of fossil fuels
Wood and animal dung are majorly converted to heat energy and used to cook food and provide heat in cold weather. These two things are easily available in the environment of any village. Also, It is a very inefficient way of producing energy. But the ready availability of resources forces people to adopt this strategy.

The correct answer is option ( D ) Wood and animal dung.

Note: It is possible to have confusion over the options biogas, and wood and animal dung. Even though biogas is used in villages nowadays, the common energy source is wood and animal dung. These are the materials which are available in abundant quantities especially in villages. The process of electrification is up to the government, and according to a survey in 2016, only 83 percent of villages have electricity.