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Columella Auris occurs in
A. Rabbit
B. Frog
C. Man
D. All the above

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Columella Auris is a tympanic membrane present in the ear. It is used to transmit the vibration so that the organism gets signals of the surrounding and hear. It occurs in amphibians, reptiles and birds but not in Homo sapiens. It is a small and fragile membrane homologous to one bone-in fish.

Complete answer:
Columella auris is found in frogs.
· It is a hard bony or cartilaginous rod present in the ear.
· It connects the eardrum to the inner ear of organisms.
· It is seen in reptiles such as lizards, birds and in amphibians ( organisms which can live on land and water as well).
· In mammals, it has a similar structure as of stapes in the ear which also connects the eardrum to the inner ear
· In fishes, it is similar to hyomandibula of fishes which connects the fishes outer ear to the inner ear.
· Columella Auris helps to transfer the vibrations or the sound with which the organism can hear and listen to the sounds coming from the surroundings.
· It is a modification of mammals’ ear bones.
· Modification of hyomandibular bone.
· From the above options as the frog is an amphibian, it is the most appropriate answer.

The correct option is B) Frog

Note: Frog doesn’t have an external ear, it has an eardrum which is adjusted behind the eyes so it is very critical and sensitive to surroundings. The eardrum is known as tympanum. The inner ear is known as the otic capsule which consists of the utricle, basilar papilla and many others working together as one functional unit.