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When the cluster of genes show linkage behavior, they
A. Do not show a chromosomes map.
B. Show recombination during meiosis.
C. Do not show independent assortment.
D. Include cell division.

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: Linkage can be described as a basic property of genes of being inherited together. Whenever the genes are close together on the same chromosome, they are called linked genes. This means that the alleles, or gene group, already together on one same chromosome gets inherited as a (one) unit more frequently than not.

Complete answer:
Linkage is known as the phenomenon in which alleles positioned close together on the same chromosome show property to be inherited together during the stage of meiosis during cell division. Genes located near to each other have less chance of getting separated into different chromatids in the process of chromosomal crossing-over.

Therefore, whenever a group of genes or alleles show linkage properties, then they will never show independent assortment of linked genes. As the genes are grouped together they are showing linkage behaviour and do not assort independently and hence, do not have recombination nature in meiosis.

Linkage map gives details of comparable position of genes on the chromosomes based on the recombination frequency among the genes, these maps display both linked and at the same time shows independently assorted genes also.

So, whenever two genes or alleles are linked because at their location on the same chromosome, the alleles would not get segregated independently during meiosis.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C).

Note: The Law of independent assortment in genetics says that different alleles are inherited independently of each other. Genetic linkage is a one of the exceptions to this law of independent assortment, here it means that DNA sequences which are in very close contact to each other on a chromosome favours to be inherited together.