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Choose the word that is opposite in the meaning of the given word.
A. Ordered
B. Alternative
C. Compulsory
D. Essential

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Hint: Voluntary means something that is done by one's own free will.

Complete answer:
The word "voluntary" comes from the Latin word ‘voluntārius’ (meaning- willing or of free will).
Example- The students were given to do a voluntary assignment.

Here, we can understand that the students can do the assignment if they want, but they don't have to.

Let’s examine the given options to find out the opposite of Voluntary-

A- Ordered: Ordered is the past tense of the word ‘order’ that means to give an authoritative instruction to do something. Since, Ordered and Voluntary are not antonyms. Hence, this is not the correct option.
Example- My boss ordered me to leave.

B- Alternative: Alternative means available as another possibility or choice. Alternative and voluntary have different meanings. They are not the opposite. Hence, this is not the correct option.
Example- You have the Alternative if riding or walking.

C- Compulsory: Compulsory means having the power of forcing someone to do something. Since, voluntary means to do something by our own will and not by any force. Hence, this is the correct option.
Example- Attendance at that college is not compulsory.

D- Essential: Essential refers to a thing that is absolutely necessary. Essential and Voluntary are not opposite in meaning to each other. Hence, this is not the correct option.
Example- As a fighter pilot, he knows that a good vision is essential.

Note: Voluntary also refers to something that is made without return in money or other consideration.