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Cell organelles can be separated by method of
A) Autoradiography
B) Microtomy
C) Differential centrifugation
D) X-ray diffraction

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Hint: Cell organelles are the cellular elements. These cell organelles include membrane-bound and non-membrane-bound organelles that are found inside the cells and have different structures and functions. For the cell's normal functioning, they organise and act effectively.

Complete answer:
The basic principle involved in sceptrin of orangelo is sedimentation of particles in a suspension by centrifugal force. Centrifugation is a common process in microbiology and cytology used to separate many organelles from whole cells to study about its characteristics and features.
Process of centrifugation involves:
1. Sample cell is first homogenized so that it can break the cell membranes and cell contents are mixed up.
2. The homogenate is processed to repeated centrifugations, each time removing the pellet and increasing the centrifugal force.
3. Finally, purification may be done through equilibrium sedimentation, and the desired layer is extracted for analysis of specific parts of cells.
In a centrifugation, the particles sediment at different rates when an accelerating force is subjected. Organelles can be separated from cell homogenate through differential centrifugation.

So, option C is the correct answer.

The rate of sedimentation depends upon the size of the particles, its shape and density. So different particles or organelle can be separated easily on the basis of size, weight.