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By which instrument the presence of magnetic field can be determined?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: A compass is an instrument that is used to find the magnetic field direction. A compass comprises a small metal needle that is magnetized itself and which is easy to turn in all directions. Therefore, when in the occupancy of a magnetic field, the needle can queue up in the same direction.

Complete step-by-step solution:
Any origin of magnetism, an electromagnet or magnet, is enclosed by a magnetic field. That field can be recognized by various devices, giving information about the field direction and its strength.
A compass is commonly a thin magnet or magnetized iron pin balanced on a pivot. It can be utilized to detect tiny magnetic fields. The needle will turn to point toward the opposing pole of a magnet. It can be extremely sensitive to small magnetic fields. A simple compass can discover a magnetic field and explain its direction. Iron filings can be utilized to show the magnetic field shape. A gaussmeter can detect a field at the sophisticated level and indicate its strength, as measured in gauss units.
Some animals can identify magnetic fields, which supports them in orienting themselves and navigate. Animals that can do this include pigeons, bees, Monarch butterflies, sea turtles, and certain fish. The Earth has two poles, a north, and a south pole, simply like a bar magnet. In magnetic poles, the Earth has two geographic poles. The two geographic poles are the Earth's surface, where the Earth's axis line of rotation reaches the surface. The Earth's magnetic field has been estimated very precisely, and scientists have found that the magnetic poles do not precisely resemble the geographic poles.

Note: Lodestone orientated itself in a north-south direction if left open to rotating by suspension on a string. Lodestone was accordingly used as an early navigational needle. So, the Earth has two south poles and two north poles: magnetic poles and geographic poles. Compasses are used in navigation to determine direction on the Earth. This runs because the Earth itself has a magnetic field comparable to that of a bar magnet. The compass needle adjusts with the Earth's direction of the magnetic field and points north-south.