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How do biodiversity make a distinction with the biosphere?

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: The biosphere offers the environmental conditions needed for survival. Living organisms must adapt to their surroundings in the biosphere. The biosphere supports biodiversity within ecosystems while also serving as a reliable source of food on the planet. Biodiversity refers to biological diversity.

Complete answer:
Biosphere refers to a total global ecosystem composed of organisms known as Biotic and non-living factors known as abiotic which includes air, water and light from which energy and nutrients are derived.
Biodiversity includes or refers to various life forms on Earth from gene to ecosystem; these include evolutionary changes, ecological and cultural processes that sustain life.

Biodiversity importance:
1. Biodiversity plays an important role in our life as it provides food fuel shelter and medicine form the ecosystem
2. It is crucial for pollination seed dispersal water purification climate regulation control of Agricultural pests.
3. Biodiversity also holds value for potential benefits such as new medicines.
4. It is also important for cultural value as well as for religious value

Biosphere importance
1. It is characterized by continuous exchange of matter.
2. Water is the major factor on which all life depends.
3. Biosphere has all major and minor elements such as carbon nitrogen Phosphorus hydrogen oxygen, which combine to form protein limit carbohydrates duplicate acid and provide building blocks that help in creation of life
4. Energy flow is required to maintain the structure of the organism which is done with the help of phosphate Bond.
5. all life forms ultimately depend upon green plants as water as these are one of the major autotrophs found in the ecosystem.

Note: Biodiversity is a diversity between plants and animal species in the habitat whereas biosphere is that part of earth in which living organism including land Ocean atmosphere survive for exist