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What are the various types of electric power ?

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint:The rate at which work is done in an electric circuit is called electric power. Basically, power is nothing but the amount of work done in a specific time. Power can be of various kinds depending upon the nature of current.

Complete answer:
Types of power:
DC POWER:- The dc power is defined as a product of voltage and current. It is produced by the fuel cell, battery and generator.
AC POWER:-It is further classified into three types apparent, active and reactive power.

Apparent power:- The apparent power is the useless power or idle power. It is represented by the symbol S, and their SI unit is volt-amp.
where, $S$ is apparent power, ${{V}_{rms}}$ is the RMS voltage and ${{I}_{rms}}$ is the RMS current.

Active power:- The active power (P) is the real power which is dissipated in the circuit resistance.
$P={{V}_{\max }}{{I}_{mav}}C\cos \phi $
where, $P$ is the real power in watts, ${{V}_{rms}}$ is the RMS voltage, ${{I}_{rms}}$ is the RMS current and $\phi $ is the impedance phase angle between voltage and current.

Reactive power:- The power developed in the circuit reactance is called reactive power (Q). It is measured in volt-ampere reactive.
Q=${{V}_{rms}}{{I}_{rms}}\sin \varphi $
where, $Q$ is the reactive power in watts, ${{V}_{rms}}$ is the RMS voltage, ${{I}_{rms}}$ is the RMS current and $\varphi $ is impedance angle of phase between voltage and current.

Note:The relation between the apparent, active and reactive power is ${{S}^{2}}={{Q}^{2}}+{{P}^{2}}$. The ratio of the real to the apparent power is called power factor, and their value lies between $0$ and $1$ . Keep in mind the small difference between the different types of power.