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Are proteins organic or inorganic molecules?

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: We know what primary hydrogen is. The hydrogen attached with primary carbon is known as primary hydrogen. We will draw the geometry of all the given molecules then we will find the primary carbon to determine the compound having all primary hydrogen atoms.

Complete answer:
The carbon-containing nutrients are considered organic, while those who do not contain carbon are referred to as inorganic. Nutrients are compounds that the body needs to carry out its essential functions. As nutrients are not synthesized by the human body, they must be obtained from the diet, rendering them necessary.
Biomolecules are the organic compounds present in our body which are responsible for carrying out metabolic processes in a living being. Proteins are the polymers whose basic unit is amino acid. There are twenty amino acids present in our body. These proteins play a vital role in are twenty amino acids present in our body. Structural, functioning and regulation of tissues and organs in our body. Example- All the hormones and enzymes are proteins.
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They are considered organic because of the fact that the monomers which make proteins are amino acids (which are organic compounds). These organic compounds have the following structure which follows the norm for being an organic molecule as it contains a carbon skeleton and a Carbon-Hydrogen bond.
Therefore, Proteins are organic molecules.

Remember that Bio molecules play a vital role in structural and functional development of our body. The foods we eat are the source of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. The carbohydrates are the most abundant molecules present in our body.