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Why are endemic organisms in greater danger of becoming extinct?

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: Endemic organisms are those that can only be found in one place and nowhere else on the planet. Kangaroos, for example, are native to Australia and are found nowhere else on the planet. Humans introduced them while the animal was in captivity, which is why they have been seen outside their natural habitat in some instances.

Complete answer:
Endangered species have one or more of the following characteristics that make them particularly vulnerable to extinction:
1. a limited geographical area,
2. just one or a few populations,
3. small population size and little genetic diversity,
4. human overexploitation,
5. diminishing population sizes,
6. low reproductive capacity,
7. the need for specialised ecological niches; and
8. development that necessitates stable and nearly constant environments.
When an endemic species' habitats are destroyed or fragmented by various human activities, the species' distribution ranges and population sizes are diminished, making them vulnerable to extinction at a much higher rate than other comparable species.

Additional information:
Endemism is the state of being endemic or limited to a certain geographical area. It describes the distribution of a species group. Endemic organisms are critical to maintaining ecological harmony. A healthy ecosystem cleans the atmosphere and provides us with clean air to breathe. When an endangered plant species goes extinct, it is followed by \[10\] to \[30\] endemic animal species. They are concerned with the preservation of biodiversity.

Endemic species are plant and animal species that can only be found in a certain geographical area and nowhere else on the planet. Some animals are unique to a continent, while others are unique to an island. For example, lemurs from Madagascar and Galapagos tortoises. The primary threat posed by endemic species is that they are more vulnerable to extinction. Since they are rare, the loss of their habitats will dramatically reduce their population.