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An infinite large plate has a net positive charge. When referring to the electric field just as it is coming out of the plate:
A. Some of the electric field is perpendicular to the plate
B. All of the electric field is perpendicular to the plate
C. None of the electric field is perpendicular to the plate
D. There is no electric field coming out of the plate

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Hint: The electric force per unit charge is known as the electric field. The force that the field will apply on a positive test charge is assumed to be in the same direction as the field's direction. A positive charge's electric field is radially outward, and a negative charge's field is radially inward.

Complete answer:
Gauss's law, also known as Gauss's flux theorem (or simply Gauss's theorem) in physics, is a law that governs the propagation of electric charge and the resulting electric field. It states that the flux of the electric field out of every closed surface is equal to the electric charge enclosed by the surface, regardless of how that charge is transmitted, in its integral form.

Even if the rule by itself is insufficient to evaluate the electric field over a surface enclosing some charge distribution, in situations where symmetry requires uniformity of the field, this could be possible. The cumulative flux associated with a closed surface is \[\dfrac{1}{{{\varepsilon _o}}}\] times the charge enclosed by the closed surface, according to the Gauss theorem.

According to Gauss's theorem, all electric field lines originating from an infinitely charged plate are perpendicular to the plate.Magnitude of electric field \[{\rm{E}} = \dfrac{\sigma }{{2{_{\rm{o}}}}}\].
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Hence option B is correct.

Note: The sources (positive charges) and sinks (negative charges) of electric fields sealed by the surface are the only sources (positive charges) and sinks (negative charges) of electric flux from any closed surface. The electric flux is unaffected by any charges outside the floor. Furthermore, only electric charges can serve as electric field sources or sinks.Changing magnetic fields, for example, cannot function as electric field sources or sinks.