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An audio frequency of \[10kHz\] is transmitted by SSB after AM with carrier waves of frequency \[1MHz\]. The frequency of current in output load is
A. \[1010kHz\]or \[990kHz\]
B. \[1000MHz\]or \[1010MHz\]
C. \[110kHz\]or \[990kHz\]
D. \[110MHz\]or \[990MHz\]

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Hint:To solve this question, we have to know about frequency. We know that, the quantity of waves that pass a fixed point in unit time; additionally, the quantity of cycles or vibrations gone through during one unit of time by a body in occasional movement. A body in occasional movement is said to have gone through one cycle or one vibration subsequent to going through a progression of occasions or positions and getting back to its unique state.

Complete step by step answer:
We know that, Frequency and recurrence are two such qualities. The connection among frequency and recurrence is that the recurrence of a wave duplicated by its frequency gives the speed of the wave, as we will see underneath. We have examined what frequency implies when we were talking about the contrast among Wavelength and Period. We have to keep that in our mind. We know that, SSB transmission to signal are possible at load:
\[{\omega _c} + {\omega _m}or{\omega _c} - {\omega _m}\]
\[ \Rightarrow (1000 + 10)kHz\] or \[(1000 - 10)kHz\]
\[1010kHz\] or \[990kHz\]

So, option A is the right answer.

Note: We also have to know that the distance between progressive peaks of a wave, particularly focuses in a sound wave or electromagnetic wave. And we have to calculate all these in the same unit. Suppose if we are calculating it in the S.I unit then all the units should be in S.I.