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Last updated date: 09th Dec 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

What is the amount of average price tag on nature’s life support services determined by Robert Constanza and his colleagues?
a) US dollar 3 trillion a year.
b) US dollar 13 trillion a year.
c) US dollar 23 trillion a year.
d) US dollar 33 trillion a year.

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Hint: Scientist Robert Constanza and his colleagues worked on the products of the ecosystem. These were known as ecosystem services or nature’s life support services. These services included forests that were further divided into climate, nutrients, and soil.

Complete answer:
Forests are the main sources of ecosystem services as they provide-
a) Purify the air and water,
b) Droughts and floods are mitigated,
c) Nutrients are cycled and recycled,
d) The soil is made or kept fertile,
e) It is a habitat for the wildlife flora and fauna,
f) Biodiversity is maintained,
g) Crops can be pollinated through various agents,
h) Carbon fixation is done,
i) Gives aesthetic, spiritual, and cultural values,
To make us understand the importance of natural resources and their value, Robert Constanza and his colleagues had put a price tag on nature’s life services. This price tag was the US dollar 33 trillion a year so that we understand that if there is the misuse of natural resources, a heavy price can be levied on humans. $50$ percent of the amount is given for soil formation, $10$ percent of the amount is given for nutrient cycling and recreation and $6$ percent of the amount is given for regulation of climate and habitat of animals.

Therefore, the correct option is d).

This method of price tagging the natural resources was just an attempt to make the people realize that we are overusing our natural products and that a day will come when everything will be finished. So, we will have to pay for the resources we consume.