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A probe is used in which stage of genetic engineering?
(a) Cleaving DNA
(b) Recombining DNA
(c) Cloning
(d) Screening

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Hint: A genetic probe is a sequence of DNA or RNA that is used to search for the complementary sequence of the probe in the genome. The probe is single stranded in nature.

Complete Answer:
The genetic probe is allowed to maintain contact with the sample genome under conditions that allow hybridization of the probe sequence with the complementary sequence of the genetic probe. The probe is labelled with a radioactive tag. This radioactive tag allows the probe to be visualized and monitored.
Genetic engineering is the manipulation of an organism’s genes using biotechnological processes. Genetic engineering is used to change the genetic makeup of the cells of an organism. This change in the genetic makeup includes the transfer of genes within specific organisms. New DNA can also be synthesised by artificial synthesis of DNA. Genetic engineering has been utilized in various fields like:
1. Research
2. Medicine
3. Industrial biotechnology
4. Agriculture
5. Food science
6. A genetic probe is used during the screening stage of genetic engineering.

Therefore, the correct answer is (d) screening.

Human hormones and vaccines can be produced at a large scale through the help of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering has the potential to cure severe genetic diseases with the help of gene therapy.
A new DNA is created by isolating and copying the genetic material of the organism of interest by using recombinant DNA methods.