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A child has less body weight. He has a thin face, loss of weight, failure to gain muscle mass. Which disease is he suffering from?

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: The disease is caused due to also It happens when the intake of nutrients and energy is too low for a person’s needs. it leads to loss of body fat and muscle, basically wasting occurs. This disease also occurs because of the disorder anorexia nervosa.

Complete answer:
This disease is called marasmus. When an individual does not get the right nutrients, it is harder for their body to carry out normal routine work which enables them to grow new cells or fight disease. More serious health problems can then result.

Malnutrition is a cause of lack of nutrients which leads to health problems. Usually it occurs due to lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet of humans. The cause and risk factor could be consuming the wrong nutrients or too much one type of nutrient. Maybe the health condition was previously not adaptive for the body to absorb nutrients.

In places where food can be scarce, breastfeeding infants for as long as possible may help reduce the risk of malnutrition. In children, the main symptom of marasmus is stunted growth, the body loses the ability to grow. A child with marasmus may appear very hungry, and they might feel like eating any object, even their own hand, due to hunger.

Note: Those who are born underweight or are premature, may also have the probability to be malnourished. The symptom of marasmus could be loss of body and muscle tissue, leading to an unusually low body mass index (BMI).