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CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Question Paper 2017

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Class 12 Entrepreneurship CBSE Question Paper 2017 - PDF Download

Entrepreneurship is one of the recently added subjects in CBSE for Commerce. While the concept of entrepreneurship has been in existence for a long time, it is only recently that it got added in the CBSE curriculum as part of the syllabus. One of the reasons behind the addition of entrepreneurship as a subject is the rising importance of entrepreneurs in the globe who are increasingly changing the landscape of commerce. 

The rising influence of entrepreneurs around the world means it is one of the essential subjects for students to study. Studying about entrepreneurs will help the future entrepreneurs to develop themselves from an early age. The study of entrepreneurship can help the students identify their passion for it and this will motivate them to choose entrepreneurship as their major subject in future studies, which can obviously be incredibly beneficial to different entities.

One of the reasons behind the inclusion of entrepreneurship in the class 12 CBSE syllabus is its growing importance in society. It is a very fascinating subject that can help develop important skills for students plus scoring well in their entrepreneurship exam can also help them boost their scores. If the students want to score well in the entrepreneurship subject then they need to study well and prepare thoroughly for it, like they would do for any other subject.

The Benefits of Studying CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Exam Solution from Vedantu

  • To prepare for the exams, the students must study and analyze the previous years’ question papers which can give them a better idea of what to expect from these papers. Studying about the previous papers helps the students to finetune their preparation accordingly based on the format and type of questions asked. 

  • The CBSE class 12 entrepreneurship question paper 2017 was one of the recent papers and studying the solution to this question paper will help the students in preparing for their upcoming entrepreneurship exams.

  • If you are looking for guides and solutions to the class 12 CBSE entrepreneurship question papers then Vedantu is the ideal destination. Vedantu provides a host of learning resources including question paper solutions for entrepreneurship exams that help the students in preparing for their exams.

  • When you study these solutions you get a brief idea about the format of the question paper plus it includes checklists that guides students on the best way to prepare for the entrepreneurship exams.


Using Vedantu website to prepare for class 12 entrepreneurship is the best way and using its question paper. Get all above-mentioned benefits.

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Question Paper 2017

1. Is the 2017 Question Paper Helping the Students to Get an Idea of the Question Pattern in the Upcoming Term?

Yes, the 2017 question paper will help the students to know and analyse the pattern of the upcoming question paper. Any type of previous year question paper will benefit the student in the same way. Overall, the students should know the pattern used by the board and they should analyse almost 10 last year question papers to know the maximum coverage of questions that are asked by the board.

2. What Does the Students Gain with this Subject?

The students can discover their own desire to continue in the field of entrepreneurship. The students will understand the practicality of the subject which will further help them to initiate a change in the society by engaging in a business. The student’s future will light up, if they study and implement their interest in societal change, this will help them to generate fame with richness.

3. What is the Subject Basically About?

The subject encompasses the practicality of business even further, the subject introduces the students with the ever-growing opportunities as well as the threats of the business, which will help them to master their skill to grab and overcome the both respectively. 

4. What are Analytical Questions?

Questions that trigger the thought process of a student are known as the analytical questions. The students can solve these types of questions successfully if only they grasped the concept of the content intensely. 

5. Why should I study the class 12 entrepreneurship question paper solution of 2017?

Studying the solution to the class 12 CBSE entrepreneurship question paper solution helps the students understand the format of the questions and study the pattern of these questions. This goes a long way in effective preparation for the exams and is one of the keys for scoring well in the upcoming entrepreneurship CBSE exams. These solutions provided by Vedantu contain detailed guides and illustrations for a better understanding of the subject.

6. What is the benefit of learning entrepreneurship in class 12 CBSE exams?

Studying entrepreneurship opens the horizons of the students and it can help them develop interest in the ever evolving world of entrepreneurship. This can assist in developing future entrepreneurs who might go on to change the dynamics of a society based on their future ventures. The learning of entrepreneurship has an amazing potential of shaping the students’ future thereby bringing change and prosperity in a wider context.

7. What should you know about entrepreneurship from CBSE Class 12?

Entrepreneurship is essentially the study of starting a new business by tackling all the risks and opportunities that come with it. This subject provides a comprehensive study of business operations and the different aspects associated with starting a new business. Beyond that it also apprises the students of the numerous opportunities as well as risks that come with these entrepreneur projects. The study of the subject can help the student to gain valuable skills that can come in handy in their future entrepreneurial projects.

8. What are the analytical questions in entrepreneurship associated with CBSE Class 12?

The analytical questions in entrepreneurship are essentially designed for invoking the thinking of the students as part of their analysis. These questions can only be solved successfully if the students have understood the concept thoroughly. This is why the analytical questions are important for identifying the understanding of the subjects and concepts included in it. This is why the entrepreneurship students must always try to learn the concepts comprehensively.

9. What is the key for preparing well for the entrepreneurship exams for CBSE Class 12?

If the students want to be successful in the entrepreneurship exams then they must have keen interest in the subject and they must be willing to study the subject thoroughly. They must also follow the best practices and must refer to the different online resources such as study material, revision notes, practice exercises, and solved question papers for the best possible preparation of the exams. You can find the solved entrepreneurship question papers for free download at Vedantu.