CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Question Paper 2017

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Entrepreneurship is very much of a new subject in the field of commerce. Entrepreneurship as practicality has existed since decades, but with the growing importance, it has been added as a study in the CBSE curriculum as well. 

Entrepreneurship is an important concept. This is the practicality of a business initiated by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs study will help the budding entrepreneurs to grow right from an early stage. With this study, the students can discover their passion for the subject and eventually take up the study of entrepreneurship, to further initiate a change in the society with their business, this will, in turn, allow them to earn riches as well as fame. 

CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Question Paper 2017 part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is the 2017 Question Paper Helping the Students to Get an Idea of the Question Pattern in the Upcoming Term?

Ans. Yes, the 2017 question paper will help the students to know and analyse the pattern of the upcoming question paper. Any type of previous year question paper will benefit the student in the same way. Overall, the students should know the pattern used by the board and they should analyse almost 10 last year question papers to know the maximum coverage of questions that are asked by the board.

2. What Does the Students Gain with this Subject?

Ans. The students can discover their own desire to continue in the field of entrepreneurship. The students will understand the practicality of the subject which will further help them to initiate a change in the society by engaging in a business. The student’s future will light up, if they study and implement their interest in societal change, this will help them to generate fame with richness.

3. What is the Subject Basically About?

Ans. The subject encompasses the practicality of business even further, the subject introduces the students with the ever-growing opportunities as well as the threats of the business, which will help them to master their skill to grab and overcome the both respectively. 

4. What are Analytical Questions?

Ans. Questions that trigger the thought process of a student are known as the analytical questions. The students can solve these types of questions successfully if only they grasped the concept of the content intensely.