CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Question Paper 2016

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Entrepreneurship is a study of business, in a wider sense to say it is the practicality of a business. The students need to excel in this subject as well, like in any other subject of their Commerce study, so they need to make sure they utilize their study resources in their full potential. One thing that is commonly neglected and skipped by the students are the studying of the previous year question papers. The students need to understand the question paper pattern that they are going to answer in their upcoming HS exam, and for this, they need to analyze the pattern quite thoroughly. 

Thus, the students are advised to study the previous year question papers that the CBSE board gives access to. By this, they will as well know the important portion coverage of the exam and focus on those prior areas.

CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Question Paper 2016 part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is the 2016 Question Paper Accurate For Studying?

Ans. Yes, the guidance of this and any previous year question paper is just accurate. Overall, the students should know the pattern used by the board and they should analyse almost 10 last year question papers to know the maximum coverage of questions that are asked by the board. 

2. How Should I Prepare this Subject?

Ans. The students can prepare the subject by understanding and then learning the concepts. They should mandatorily be clear about each concept to solve the analytical questions in the exam like a pro. They are also advised to go through various test papers which includes studying the previous year question papers. Further, they should also know the way of presenting their answers.

3. How Will the Study of this Subject Help the Students in their Future Career?

Ans. The students can join the entrepreneurship or the business schools if they develop an interest in this subject. This will assure a total build-up in their lifestyle as well in their career positively. They can initiate their own business where they will be much benefitted with this study as they will know about the business threats and opportunities from an early age. This will also help the students to build their emotional status as well.  

4. Is the Subject Scoring?

Ans. Yes, the subject is very interesting as well as scoring.