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CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Term 2 Question Paper 2022 with Solutions

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Term 2 Question Paper 2022 | Download Free PDF with Solutions

Class 12 Computer Science is an elective subject that students can choose while studying the Science stream. This subject includes chapters related to programming, data management, computer networks, computational thinking, etc. To prepare for this subject, download and solve CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Computer Science Question Paper 2022.

Solving this paper will help students to understand the question pattern and the CBSE marking schemes. It will also assist students in understanding how much time they need to answer all the questions.

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Term 2 Question Paper 2022 with Solutions - PDF will be uploaded soon

Importance of CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Question Paper 2022

Students will also find how the marks are allotted for the specific chapters and sections. The students need to know the marks distribution. They should know marks are distributed among theoretical and practical sections and formulate a strategy to score more in this subject.

Solving this question paper will also enable students to discover the question pattern and assist them in designing answering formats following the CBSE guidelines. They can also refer to the solutions provided by the experts. This solution will provide the most accurate answers compiled by following the board guidelines.

The question paper is also very useful for mock exams. Students can evaluate their preparation by solving the previous year’s Class 12 Computer Science question papers at home. They can compare their answers to the solution and learn how to improve their answering skills.

This paper includes the fundamental questions based on the chapters on this subject. After the preparation is done, students can check which chapters they need to study more by solving these papers.

They will be able to judge their conceptual foundation and make it better using the question paper. The mock exam sessions will also help them to check how their concepts are clear. If not, they can focus on the specific chapters and improve their preparation.

Advantages of CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Question Paper with Solutions

The advantages of solving Class 12 Computer Science Question Paper 2022 are:

  1. Time Management: Students can manage time by giving mock exams at home. This subject checks the theoretical and practical efficiency of students within the stipulated period. Hence, time-bound exams will be ideal for developing such skills.

  2. Exam Preparation Evaluation: Assess your preparation level by giving mock exams at home with this paper. Check your answers by comparing them with the solutions. Find out where you need to concentrate more and proceed accordingly.

  3. Marks Distribution: Learn the mark distribution and marking scheme to design a strategy to attempt computer science questions. This will help you to score more in the exams.

Download Class 12 Computer Science Term 1 Question Paper PDF

Complete your study material for Class 12 Computer Science complete by adding this question paper. It is available in a free PDF version with a solution. You can download and use it to give a mock exam at home. Compare your answers to the solution and develop your answering skills to score more in the final exam.

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Term 2 Question Paper 2022 with Solutions

1. How can I prepare for the computer science programming chapters for board exams?

Practice programming as much as you can. Study the programming languages included in the syllabus and practice answering the questions in the exercise. Practical exposure to programming is also important.

2. How many marks are allotted for programming in Class 12 Computer Science?

For programming, 40 marks are allotted in the final exam of Class 12 Computer Science.

3. How many sections are there apart from programming in Class 12 Computer Science?

Apart from programming, there are two other sections. They are Computer Networks and Data Management. The first one is allotted 10 marks, and the second one is allotted 20 marks.

4. What are the marks allotted for practical sessions in Computer Science?

The marks allotted for the practical exam of Computer Science are 30.