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Silverzone International Olympiad of Mathematics (IOM) Exam Date

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Preparation of International Olympiad of Mathematics (IOM) Exam from Vedantu

IOM- International Olympiad of Mathematics is conducted in order to pick out and evaluate the analytical and reasoning skills of the candidates. The aspirants studying in classes 1-12, from around the country, apply and take part in this examination every year to bring forth their skills and intellect. The syllabus of the IOM revolves around the curriculum based on the CBSE/ICSE and State Boards.

To attain all the important information regarding the IOM examinations, the student can go through this article. 

Registration Process

A prospectus with information about the registration forms is handed over to all the schools. These schools are usually those that are registered with the Silverzone Foundation. But in such situations where the school is not registered with the foundation, the candidate can go ahead and request the prospectus. This can be done by sending an email to the official email address of Silverzone foundation.


  • It is mandatory for the schools to submit the registration forms that are completely filled. It is to be made sure that this is done before the due date of submission, as no extension is provided after the final submission date.

  • There is no individual student registration accepted and registration can be made by the student only from his/her respective school. 

  • As mentioned earlier that individual participation in the exam is not allowed, it becomes necessary that at least 20 students from each school/institution participate in the examination. 

  • The venue for the exam for the students who have registered will be their own respective schools.

  • The schools will receive the registration sheet in addition to the information booklet. This will be delivered on time and once the schools receive this, the coordinating teachers are handed the responsibility to generate the respective roll numbers of the participants. This should be done strictly adhering to the instructions and the guidelines. 

  • The school’s foundation office should be handed over a copy of the roll numbers with the student’s registration along with the school registration sheet. It is to be kept in mind that this is done within 30 days before the IOM exams commence. 

  • Conducting talent shows will help in the development and improvement of the skills of the students. Therefore, it is advisable that the respective schools conduct various talent examinations before the IOM.

  • The aspirants are advised to download the application form from the official website. This form consists of a total of three forms. One for the student, and the other two for the parents and the teachers respectively. 

Eligibility Criteria - Level 1

  • For the level 1 exams, students from classes 1-12 are eligible to apply. Their marks would not come as a hurdle, and they can apply for this exam without minding their marks. 

  • Students from India as well as those studying abroad are given equal access to writing the exam. 

Eligibility Criteria - Level 2 Examination

Students who qualify in the level 1 examination attaining the maximum performance will be eligible to appear for the level 2 examination.  

  • It is to be noted that Only the top 5% of the students will appear for the level 2 examinations from each class.  

  • Those candidates who are eligible are in the Top 25 zone in addition to the rank holders class wise. 

  • From every school, the toppers in each class will be eligible to appear. But a minimum of 10 students appearing from every class should have a minimum of 50% qualifying marks.

  • The top rank holder will be considered while going through the section-wise registration. 

Application Fees

  • The candidates can easily download the application form from the official website for their respective schools. 

  • Participation forms of the students should be submitted to the Silverzone foundation on time by the schools that are participating. 

  • 30 September 2023 is the last date for the student to apply/register for the examination, and the fee to be submitted for participation is Rs 120 respectively. 

IOM-2023-24: Exam Dates



Last date of application

30th September, 2023

Level 1 examination


Result announcement of Silverzone IOM level 1 exam

January  2024

Silverzone IOM 2023-24 level 2 examination

January or February 2024

Silverzone IOM 2023-24 level 2 results

The second week of March 2024

Level 3 examination for Silverzone Olympiad for Mathematics

May - June 2024

Steps to Check the Results 

  • The first step involves visiting the official website of the Silverzone foundation.  

  • After visiting the official website, the students now need to enter their details containing their phone number, email, hall ticket number, etc in the given fields.

  • After the details are filled in, the candidates need to click on the submit column. 

  • The IOM results will appear on the screen once this is done.

  • The candidates can download and take out a printout considering their needs. 

FAQs on Silverzone International Olympiad of Mathematics (IOM) Exam Date

1. How does Vedantu help the students in preparing for the Silverzone International Olympiad of Mathematics (IOM)?

Ans: The website of Vedantu is the best for future aspirants planning to apply/appear for the IOM examination. The website of Vedantu provides all the important and relevant information, which are up to date so that the candidate is not left behind on anything important. Apart from this, the website also provides the candidates with adequate materials and guidelines, so that the aspirant is guided every step of his/her way to success and shine brighter in the exams. Vedantu provides free learning resources to prepare better.

2. Where can I find the previous year’s question papers for IOM?

Ans: The website of Vedantu provides the aspirants with the previous year’s question papers of IOM. These papers can be downloaded from the website easily. With the practice of these papers, the candidate will be able to improve their existing knowledge and skills and thereby present the best version of themselves in the examination hall. The practice of these papers will also help the student think out of the box and broaden their perspectives. It will help them improve their skills and attain mastery of the topics. 

3. What is the benefit of IOM?

Ans: These exams are helpful as they prepare the student for other major competitive examinations, such as the JEE /JEE main. They also polish the logical, analytical, reasoning skills of the candidates, which will prove to be of great importance in their future endeavours. These examinations push and motivate the students to strive for more. The medals and the certificates that are provided to the candidate will help them gain recognition in the future and make the student more confident and smart.

4. How to prepare for the IOM examinations?

Ans: The syllabus for the IOM examination revolves mainly around the CBSE/ICSE and state board curriculum. Therefore, it is advisable that the students focus mainly on the topics taught to them in their classes and have a stronghold on the important concepts and ideas. Apart from this, the candidates can access the previous year’s question papers from the website of Vedantu to practice and sharpen their skills. Giving adequate time to the practice of the concepts will help the student in doing well in the IOM Examination. 

5. Is the Silverzone IOM examination hard?

Ans: No, the Silverzone IOM examination is not hard. But to do well in this examination, the candidate needs to be very thorough with the chapters that are taught to them in their syllabus. Marking all the important areas and revising the important concepts will help the candidate in remembering the important points. Along with this, it is also advised that the student should refer to the previous year’s question papers and practice from the sample papers to develop an in-depth idea of how the questions are asked in the examination. Practising in this manner will help them do well in the examination.