PRMO Previous Year Paper 2018 (19th August)

PRMO Past Papers

Download the PRMO previous year papers from Vedantu for free and add an edge to your Pre Regional Mathematical Olympiad preparation. The PRMO past papers are curated and solved by the subject matter experts at Vedantu to enhance your exam preparation. The PRMO previous year papers will help you to assess the question pattern and the important topics for the examination. You will get to learn the most effective problem-solving techniques for various types of sums when you refer to the PRMO previous year papers with solutions. 

Advantages of solving the PRMO Previous Year Papers

Solve and practice the PRMO previous year papers to get a better understanding of the exam pattern of PRMO. You will have to solve 30 sums within 3 hours in the PRMO examination. When you solve the PRMO past papers you can determine the average time that you need to spend on solving one sum. Also, after practising the PRMO past year papers you will clearly know the suitable approach for solving any particular type of sum. The marks distribution will also become clearly understandable when you refer to the Pre RMO previous year papers.

One tip for your PRMO preparation is that do not spend more than the planned average time on any difficult sum, else you may miss other easier sums in the PRMO question paper.

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PRMO Previous Year Paper 2018 part-1
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