NSEP 2021 Exam Scholarship

What is NSEP Scholarship?

The National Standard Examination in Physics does not provide any scholarship for the candidates immediately. The NSEP 2021 scholarship only comes into effect after the candidate has qualified for the exam and is willing to take up physics as their chosen discipline for undergraduate study. The NSEP 2021 scholarship is instituted with the only objective of encouraging the students to take up a career in Physics and allow the country to have great physicists who will go on and help the country. 

The NSEP examination is not directly linked to any award or entrance in any institution. The candidates who are only seeking to pursue B.Sc in Physics after they qualify in NSEP are entitled to such scholarships. Every year, a maximum of ten scholarships are provided to worthy candidates. 

In this article on the NSEP 2021 exam scholarship, we have completely broken down about NSEP, its eligibility criteria, how to prepare for NSEP, the complete stages of NSEP, and also have answered few frequently asked questions. 

Eligibility Criteria For NSEP 2021

Before candidates understand how to prepare for NSEP, the candidates should know the complete eligibility criteria for the NSEP 2021 examination. 

  • The student must first and foremost be an Indian citizen.

  • The NSEP test is designed for students in grades nine and ten.

  • Students who have completed the twelfth-grade test are ineligible to take this test.

  • The students must be between the ages of fifteen and twenty. The student will be dropped from the curriculum if he or she is considered to be ineligible for the test.

  • The student must pay a one-time fee of Rs 150 during the NSEP registration period.

  • The student must not have finished 12th grade prior to November 30th of the test year.

  • Any candidate who has previously represented India in the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) or the Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) is ineligible to compete in the NSEP.

  • The candidate must not have applied to or be intending to apply to any university in the year following the olympiad.

How to Prepare For NSEP 2021 Examination 

All the competitive examinations are designed in a way to test the aptitude and the logical knowledge of the candidates. In the same way, the NSEP examination is designed to measure the student’s logical, analytical, and theoretical knowledge in Physics. To have complete knowledge about the subject, there is a need that the students should start preparing for the examination with a good plan. Here are a few of the important points that the candidates should remember while preparing for the NSEP  examination. 

  • Prepare a complete study plan: If a candidate randomly chooses a topic and prepares on his own, it won’t be helping him or her to ace this examination. The candidate should first go through the NCERT books and then move on and prepare from the advance reference books. Reference books should only be used if the candidate has doubts regarding any concept. 

  • Be thorough with the syllabus: The candidate who has aimed at clearing the NSEP examination should know the entire syllabus. He or she should be able to identify the topics that he or she knows and also the topics that need to be covered. All the topics covered should be revised once. 

  • Practising the Mock test: When the candidate has successfully completed the entire syllabus, they should move on and start practising the mock test and the previous years’ questions papers. Practising the questions papers will only help the candidate to get familiar with the types of questions that will be asked in the examination. Practising the mock test without taking the help of a mentor will only help the candidates to manage the time for the official NSEP examination. 

About NSEP

The NSEP 2021 scholarship examination will be conducted under the guidance of the National Standard examinations(NSE). The NSEP examination will act as a metric for the candidates to assess themselves against the prevailing national standard. The NSEP scholarship aims to present a correct perspective of the subject. The NSEP examination also aims at enhancing the student-teacher interaction and also to help discuss various conceptual topics in the subject. 

The National Standard examination is basically held in two different levels which are Class X (Junior science) and Class XII. The NSEP scholarship examination takes place only to select the candidates for the International Level Science Olympiad. The NSEP examination is conducted every year by the Indian Association of the Physics Teachers(IAPT).

The NSEP examination is a national-level examination that includes an initial stage that is present to select the candidates who have qualified. The initial stage is followed by a regional level round in which both the States and the Union territories participate. The NSEP examination is conducted offline or is taken in pen and paper mode. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Syllabus of the NSEP 2021 Examination?

Ans: The NSEP syllabus is set by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT). NCERT syllabus up to class 12th will be used to address the questions. The NSEP Exam is used to assess a candidate's theoretical and experimental abilities. Math is also used in the curriculum to assess a candidate's problem-solving abilities. Topics covered by the NSEP include:

  1. Measurement techniques and apparatus

  2. Data Analysis

  3. Geometry and stereometry

  4. Approximate and electromagnetic Fields

  5. Oscillations and Waves

  6. Dynamics

  7. Mechanics Numerical methods etc.

2. What is the Exam Pattern For the NSEP 2021?

Ans: The complete examination pattern for the NSEP 2021 is given below.

  1. A1 and A2 are the two components of the NSEP 2021 test.

  2. Section A1 will have 60 questions worth 180 points, and part A2 will have 10 questions worth 60 points.

  3. NSEP 2021 will have a cumulative ranking of 240 points.

  4. Students will also lose one rating for each incorrect answer, and three points will be credited to their scores for each correct answer.

  5. The query paper will be available in a variety of languages, including English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Bangla. During the NSEP enrollment process, students must choose one.

3. What is the Benefit of the NSEP 2021 Scholarship For the Students?

Ans: The candidates who participate in the NSEP 2021 scholarship examination have multiple benefits and one of the benefits is that the student who participates in this examination is entitled to a scholarship only if he or she qualifies for this examination and is interested in taking a B.Sc in Physics. Every year a maximum of ten scholarships is awarded for the most deserving candidates. 

The gold medalist has the option of directly attending an interview in the Department of Atomic energy directly after they are done with their education. The gold medalist can skip the written examination that takes place before the interview stage. The top qualifying candidates at the national level will be given a special merit certificate and the students who are in the top 35 will be awarded gold medals. 

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