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NSEP 2023-24 Exam: How to Avail Scholarship?

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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About NSEP Scholarship

The NSEP Exam has been organised by IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) and conducted since 1987. NSEP exam is a great platform for students who consider Physics as their best interest of study and plan to pursue higher studies in it. NSEP scholarship is offered by IAPT with the major goal of encouraging students to pursue Physics in their undergraduate studies.


The NSEP 2023 exam will be a gateway for Physics lovers to land a scholarship for their undergraduate studies. There are certain qualifications and guidelines regarding the attainment of NSEP scholarship. Students can read more about the NSEP 2023 exam and know how to avail NSEP scholarship.


This examination is conducted on the regional level by all the states and UTs. This is a pen-paper examination, and students are allowed to take the question paper with themselves. NSEP is conducted in English, Hindi, and other languages recognised by the Indian constitution. For this examination, it is very important to be a citizen of India in a legal manner because only Indian citizens can participate in the NSEP examination. 

How to Avail NSEP Scholarship?

  • You have to attempt the NSEP examination which is conducted by the IAPT. NSEP scholarship is not an immediate advantage, rather it is offered for student’s undergraduate study.

  • A must required condition to avail scholarship is to qualify in NSEP exam and choose to pursue Physics in their higher studies.

  • This scholarship is advantageous to only those students who are willing to pursue Bsc in Physics for example- Astrophysics or Theoretical Physics.

  • This scholarship is provided after a student has completed their schooling.

  • Every year, 10 students are given scholarships. 

Eligibility Criteria for NSEP 

Before candidates understand how to prepare for NSEP, the candidates should know the complete NSEP eligibility criteria for the NSEP 2023 examination

  • The student must first and foremost be an Indian citizen.

  • Students from grade 9 to 10 can apply for the NSEP.

  • Students who have completed the twelfth-grade test are ineligible to take this test.

  • The students must be between the ages of fifteen and twenty. The student will be dropped from the curriculum if he or she is considered to be ineligible for the test.

  • The student must pay the nominal application fee of Rs. 200 to register for the NSEP Exam 2023.

  • The student must not have finished 12th grade before November 30th of the test year.

  • Any candidate who has previously represented India in the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) or the Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) is ineligible to compete in the NSEP.

  • The candidate must not have applied to or be intending to apply to any university in the year following the olympiad.


NSEP Exam Syllabus

Know the complete NSEP exam syllabus to prepare and you can also see the probable weightage of each chapter. Having the complete knowledge of exam pattern and syllabus is important as this is the primal step for preparation. NSEP focuses on the subject Physics and contains hypothetical and in-depth concept related questions.


Important Topics

Analysis of Total Marks as per Last Years’ Trends

Geometrical optics

Lens, refraction by spherical surface, refraction by prism, spherical mirror, refraction in general, refraction at the plane surface and TIR


Alternating current

A capacitor with a dielectric, combination of capacitors


Centre of mass, momentum and collision

Head-on collision, motion of collision


Circular motion 

Kinematics of circular motion, circular motion in a vertical plane


Current electricity 

Instruments,power, energy, battery, EMF, terminal voltage and Kirchhoff’s law


Electromagnetic field

Magnetic field due to a magnet and earth, magnetic field due to ring, magnetic force and torque on a current-carrying loop, dipole moment, magnetic force on a charge



Coulomb's law, electric potential and potential difference, Flux calculation and gauss’s law, conductor and its properties, electric pressure


Electromagnetic induction 

Self-inductance EMF and magnetic energy density


Semi - conductor

Diode, logic gates, transistors


Work, power, energy

Work done by a variable force, work-energy theorem



First law of thermodynamics, root mean, square velocity, kinetic energy


Heat transfer

Thermal conduction in linear conductors


Modern physics 

Electronic transition in the h/h-like atom/ species, photoelectric effect, X-ray





Newton’s law of motion 

Calculation and force of acceleration 



Archimedes principle and force of buoyancy


Rectilinear motion

Equation of motion and motion under gravity


Sound wave

Doppler effect, organ pipers and resonance



Universal law of gravitation 



Moment of inertia


Surface tension 

Excess pressure in drops and bubbles 


Wave optics 

YDSE with monochromatic light 


NSEP 2023-24 Exam Pattern



Exam level 

CBSE class 12th level

Duration of Exam

2 hours

Medium/ Language

English , Hindi

Bangla and Gujarati (only for registration)


Two parts

Total number of questions


Question Type

Multiple choice questions

Total Marks


Negative Marking 

One mark deducted for each wrong answer

NSEP Exam 2023 Preparation Tips

  • NSEP is centralised on the subject Physics, you should take help of excellent textbooks that are available. Start with H.C Verma and read every chapter thoroughly, also solve as many questions as you can.

  • Once you have grasped the basics and concepts, move on to problem books like Irodov and Krotov to prepare excellently.

  • Make sure you know the NSEP Exam pattern and NSEP syllabus inside-out.

  • Choose the right resources online. You can refer to Vedantu study material for NSEP preparation. Vedantu provides trust-worthy and free of cost study material- making it the best choice for preparation.

  • Prepare a time-table and stick to it. You can plan your study time according to your weak and strong chapters. This method works best when students reward themselves after sticking to the timetable.

  • Practise NSEP mock tests and NSEP previous year question papers every once in a while to maintain the level of your readiness.



NSEP is organised by IAPT and it offers scholarships to students for their undergraduate studies. Read complete information about NSEP scholarship on Vedantu. Aspirants can check the eligibility criteria of getting a NSEP scholarship. The NSEP exam is one of the best opportunities for future physicists. Vedantu provides preparation tips and NSEP study material PDFs to help students ace their exams and avail the scholarship.

FAQs on NSEP 2023-24 Exam: How to Avail Scholarship?

1. Is NSEP an MCQ test?

NSEP (National Standard Examination in Physics) has multiple type questions. Students must know that the questions that appear in NSEP are conceptual based majorly so avoid making the mistake of considering the term as the question nature being objective only. NSEP aims to enhance scientific reasoning skills involving Physics majorly.

2. How can I prepare for NSEP in Class 11?

NSEP is designed for students from grade 9 to 12 so the preparation required for class 11 students should include practising NCERT books of Class XI and Class XII. You can find NSEP preparation tips and recommended books on Vedantu. Here are some key points for class 11 students:

  • Grasp the concepts and basics of all Physics chapters that are prescribed under your syllabus.

  • Try solving class XII problems as much as you can, this will challenge your comfort level hence making your preparation better.

  • Solve NSEP previous year questions regularly for scoring higher marks.

3. What is the benefit of the NSEP 2023 Scholarship for the students?

The candidates who participate in the NSEP 2023 scholarship examination have multiple benefits and one of the benefits is that the student who participates in this examination is entitled to a scholarship only if he or she qualifies for this examination and is interested in taking a B.Sc in Physics. Every year a maximum of ten scholarships is awarded for the most deserving candidates. 

The gold medalist has the option of directly attending an interview in the Department of Atomic energy directly after they are done with their education. The gold medalist can skip the written examination that takes place before the interview stage. The top qualifying candidates at the national level will be given a special merit certificate and the students who are in the top 35 will be awarded gold medals. 

4. How to apply for NSEP?

Candidates who want to take the NCEP exam must complete a series of steps. Candidates are required to first download a registration form from the IAPT's official website. They must fill in all of their information after downloading the form. The candidate's name, address, parents' names, and the chosen language in which he or she wishes to take the exam should all be included. 

After entering all of the correct details, the applicant must sign a document indicating that everything is correct. The registration and declaration form, as well as a fee of Rs. 200 and the name of the centre where the applicant wishes to take the test, must be submitted. The fee is a one-time fee. If a candidate qualifies for the next round, he or she should not be concerned about the fee. 

5. How to get the NSEP 2023 Admit Card?

Students will get their IAPT 2023 admit cards by taking the steps outlined below.

  • Visit the official website for the test.

  • Click on the link that says NSEP Admit card.

  • In the appropriate areas, enter the student's identification number and date of birth.

  • Select 'Login' from the drop-down menu.

  • On the phone, NSEP hall tickets 2023 will appear.

  • To use later, take a printout or a screenshot of the page.