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NSEP Exam Mock Test: 2023-24

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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NSEP Exam Mock Test for Students of Class 1 to 12

The National Standard Examination in Physics is conducted by IAPT. NSEP is the first competitive examination that acts as a screener for the International Olympiads. It is conducted for students of the 12th level. 


Purely voluntary participation offers an opportunity to measure one's standing and depth of knowledge against the national level of competitive exams. The NSEP is carried out in English, Hindi, and a few other languages.

This examination is an excellent opportunity for students willing to pursue Physics for higher studies as it not only allows them to recognise their acumen in Physics but also acknowledges their efforts through several awards and scholarships. In order to score high marks and crack this highly competitive examination, candidates need top-notch preparation and to aid them in this journey, we have expert-created NSEP 2023-24 Mock Test Series. These questions have been created and solved by our NSEP experts to help students achieve their dream scores. Read ahead to know more about NSEP 2023-24 Mock Test Series.


Important Dates for NSEP


Important Dates

Last date for application enrollment  of NSEP

September 14, 2023

IAPT Exam for NSEP

26th November 2023

Result out

10th January 2024

NSEP 2023-24 Syllabus

National Standard Examination in Physics (NSEP) has the following syllabus prescribed for NSEP. The questions in this examination can be from the NCERT syllabus up to class 12. NSEP Exam analyses the Theoretical Skills and Experimental Skills of the students. The syllabus for the NSEP exam 2023-24 includes the following important topics:

  • Alternating Current

  • Circular Motion

  • Geometrical Optics

  • Current Electricity

  • Capacitor

  • Centre of Mass, Momentum & Collision

  • Electromagnetic Induction

  • Electrostatics

  • Semiconductor

  • Work, Power and Energy

  • Simple Harmonic Motion

  • Thermodynamics

  • Heat Transfer

  • Modern Physics 1

  • Fluid

  • Newton’s Laws of Motion

  • Rectilinear Motion

  • Sound Waves

  • Gravitation

  • Rotaion

  • Wave Optics

  • Surface Tension

  • Electromagnetic Fields

NSEP Exam Pattern: 2023-24

Check the details of the NSEP Exam pattern below with complete data.

Duration of Exam

2 hr

Test Paper Level/ Syllabus

CBSE Class 12th syllabus

Test Medium/ Language

English and language as requested by student like: Hindi, Bangla and Gujarati (during registration only)

Type of questions – Objective type with multiple choices


2 Level

Total Number of Questions

60 MCQs

Total Marks

216 marks

Marking Scheme

  • Every right answer = +3

  • Every wrong answer = -1

  • Unattempted question = 0

Importance of NSEP 2023-24 Mock Test

The significance of taking part in the mock part cannot be stressed enough. There are many advantages of writing a mock test for the NSEP examination and below we have listed all of them.

  • Time Management: 

Time is a very important factor for all competitive examinations as the ranking of the student could change by a mark or more. Many students tend to waste time while writing a competitive examination and that moment when the candidate wastes time while writing the exam is the most important moment as it is the deciding factor of whether the candidate will qualify for the exam. Time could be easily managed if the candidates have practised the mock tests before the final competitive examination. Mock tests in a way help the candidate to save time as they will already be familiar with the kind of questions that could be asked in the examination. 

  • Higher Accuracy:

When the candidates continuously practice the questions present in the mock tests, it will help them to cut down the mistakes and other errors that he or she makes while answering the questions during the actual examination. Even if the candidate is familiar with all the topics, many tend to make mistakes while writing the answers. This is because of not taking part in the mock tests. A mock test helps in identifying the type of error that the candidate is making while writing the answers. Once all the errors are identified and work is done so that it does not happen in the future, chances of repeating the same error in the actual NSEP examination will very likely reduce.

Benefits of Participating in NSEP 2023-24 Exam Mock Test

Students excelling in the NSEP examination receive Gold medals as recognition. They also have the opportunity to join the DAE directly through interviews without appearing in their entrance test, after they complete their education. Qualifying in the NSEP allows the student to participate in International Olympiad. In addition, NSEP-qualifying students who are seeking admission in B.Sc. (with physics) after NSEP became eligible to apply for scholarships that have been instituted to encourage students to take up physics as a career. Thus, NSEP 2023-24 Mock Test helps the students to prepare themselves for the level of questions that they can expect to face in the real exam.

What After NSEP 2023-24?/Stages of the Physics Olympiad

NSEP 2023-24 is the first stage of the five stages till International Physics Olympiad namely, NSEP, INPhO, OCSC, PDT, and IPhO. Each of the stages has been discussed in detail here:

Stage 1: The first stage of the International Physics Olympiad is the National Standard Examination in Physics 2023-24 (NSEP) which will take place in registered schools all across India. Around 20,000 to 60,000 students appear for NSEP every year from approximately ~1500 centers from around the country.

Stage 2: Students who are selected from the Stage I examination (NSEP) are eligible to appear for INPhO. In addition, those students, who have been exempted from NSEP as described on the Enrollment page, are also eligible to appear for INPhO. Besides these two, there is no other way by which a student becomes eligible to appear for INPhO.

Stage 3: The Orientation-cum-selection Camp (OCSC), which is the third stage, is held at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science and Research and about 35 students who have qualified for the previous stage will be selected for further stages in this camp. Applicants will be assessed based on the experimental and theoretical session questions that will be asked at the camp.

Stage 4: Students succeeding Orientation-cum-selection Camp will participate in a Pre-Departure Camp that will take place from July to November 2023. Out of the 35  students in this stage, only 4 - 6 students will be selected to go for the next stage.

Stage 5: The  4 - 6 students qualifying in the last round will be representing India at the international level in the last stage of the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO). Students who win the gold medal at IPhO have a provision to join the Department of Atomic Energy, which works to develop nuclear power technology and applications of radiation technologies in the fields of basic and applied research, industry, medicine, and agriculture.

Now that you have gone through the above content, we hope to have answered your doubts and queries. The NSEP Mock Test Series has been prepared after close analysis and research of the previous years’ questions, probable questions for this year and the marks weightage of every topic. Taking the mock test will help NSEP aspirants to analyse their strengths and weaknesses and help them improve their preparation and boost their scores. Visit our website for more information and study materials on NSEP 2023-24.

FAQs on NSEP Exam Mock Test: 2023-24

1. What is the Examination Structure of the NSEP 2023-24

The exam structure or the pattern of the NSEP examination is given below:

Part A

Part B

Type of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions 

Multiple Choice Questions 

No of Questions



Marks for Correct Answer



Marks for Incorrect Answer



2. Name all the stages of the National Olympiad Program? 

The Science Olympiad program is divided into five stages and throughout all these five stages the candidates are tested and the best are selected in the final stage. The stages are-

  • Stage I: National Standard Examinations (NSE)

  • Stage II: Indian National Olympiad (INO)

  • Stage III: Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC)

  • Stage IV: Pre-departure Training Camp (PDT)

  • Stage IV: Pre-departure Training Camp (PDT)

3. List Out the Importance of Taking Part in the NSEP 2023-24 Mock Test? 

There are many advantages of writing a mock test for the NSEP examination. Mock tests in a way help the candidate to save time as they will already be familiar with the questions. Even if the candidate is familiar with all the topics, many tend to make mistakes while writing the answers. A mock test helps in identifying the type of error that the candidates are making. The chances of repeating the same error in the actual examination will very likely reduce.  The NSEP exam is due to begin on September 14.

4. How to succeed on the NSEP Exam?

Even the most challenging test in the nation could be easily passed or scored. The same is true with NSEP. The first phase of the Physics Olympiad curriculum is called the National Science Education Program (NSEP). To succeed on any exam, the right study tools are essential. The first textbooks that every student should carefully read are the NCERT books for classes 11 and 12. With the right preparation and time management, NSEP may be easily cracked.

5. How can Vedantu help you get ready for the NSEP?

In order to succeed on any test, you must have a sound study plan. One of the most important steps in passing any exam is how a candidate divides his/her time throughout the day and how he manages to cover the essential exam topics.