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NSEP Previous Years’ Question Paper - Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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NSEP 2023-24 Previous years’ Question Papers, NSEP Exam Syllabus and NSEP Exam Updates

Vedantu provides NSEP previous years' question papers with solutions. Students can download NSEP 2023-24 previous years' question papers in PDF format for better preparation. Students are advised to learn about the NSEP exam pattern, NSEP syllabus and difficulty level of the exam. These all aspects of NSEP are easy to understand by one simple method and that is to  practise the NSEP previous years' question papers. The NSEP question papers PDF are available for free download.

The NSEP exam is conducted in two stages. Students can read about NSEP stages explained here. A full packed preparation requires complete understanding of the entire syllabus. NSEP candidates should also check the detailed syllabus provided at Vedantu.

To download NSEP 2023-24 previous years' question papers PDF, find the links provided below. The NSEP exam pattern is also available for your reference.

NSEP Exam Details in a Nutshell

Exam Conducted by 

Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT)


Students up to and including Class 12



Mode of Exam


Total Questions


Total Marks


Application Fee


Exam Duration

2 Hours


English, Bengali, Hindi and some other regional languages 

NSEP 2023-24 Syllabus 

The aim of the NSEP exam is to offer a platform for students to expand their scientific knowledge, centralising the subject ‘Physics’. Students can gradually enhance their chances of performing better in future examinations by getting an exposure to the NSEP exam. The Indian Association of Physics Teachers is responsible for organising NSEP, their major goal is to provide a wide variety of options for students to comprehend Physics. Know the detailed NSEP syllabus provided below in tabulated format and ace the exams.


Important Topics

Marks Weightage (based on previous years’ analysis)

Geometrical optics

Lens, refraction by spherical surface, refraction by prism, spherical mirror, refraction in general, refraction at the plane surface and TIR


Alternating current

A capacitor with a dielectric, combination of capacitors


Centre of mass, momentum and collision

Head-on collision, motion of collision


Circular motion 

Kinematics of circular motion, circular motion in a vertical plane


Current electricity 

Instruments,power, energy, battery, EMF, terminal voltage and Kirchhoff’s law


Electromagnetic field

Magnetic field due to a magnet and earth, magnetic field due to ring, magnetic force and torque on a current-carrying loop, dipole moment, magnetic force on a charge



Coulomb's law, electric potential and potential difference, Flux calculation and gauss’s law, conductor and its properties, electric pressure


Electromagnetic induction 

Self-inductance EMF and magnetic energy density


Semi - conductor

Diode, logic gates, transistors


Work, power, energy

Work done by a variable force, work-energy theorem



First law of thermodynamics, root mean, square velocity, kinetic energy


Heat transfer

Thermal conduction in linear conductors


Modern physics 

Electronic transition in the h/h-like atom/ species, photoelectric effect, X-ray





Newton’s law of motion 

Calculation and force of acceleration 



Archimedes principle and force of buoyancy


Rectilinear motion

Equation of motion and motion under gravity


Sound wave

Doppler effect, organ pipers and resonance



Universal law of gravitation 



Moment of inertia


Surface tension 

Excess pressure in drops and bubbles 


Wave optics 

YDSE with monochromatic light 


NSEP 2023-24 Exam Pattern



Exam level 

CBSE class 12th level


Two parts

Total number of questions


Question Type

Multiple choice questions

Total Marks


Marking Scheme

One mark deducted for each wrong answer; +3 for every accurate response; 0 for unanswered questions

Benefits of NSEP Previous Year Question Papers

Practising from the NSEP previous years' papers will prove to be very beneficial for the students as it will give them the confidence they require to face the examination and it will, in turn, provide them with an edge over the other candidates. The benefits of practising the previous years' paper of NSEP are as follows. 

  • Practising from the previous years' question papers will only help the students to figure out the complete dynamic of the examination and will also help them in giving important information about the examination pattern and the trend of the type of questions that will appear in the examination. 

  • One of the most important skills that the candidates develop when they practise the previous years’ papers is the ability to manage the time during the actual examination. When a candidate times himself or herself while solving the previous years' paper and also simulating the real exam conditions can only help in improving the confidence and also will help in avoiding the last minute stress which many students face during the examination. 

  • Practising from the previous years' papers will help the student to explore the related and unrelated topics that will add value to the overall preparation. 

Preparation Tips for NSEP 2023-24

  • Read NCERT class XI and XII books thoroughly. Consider this as the primary step of your preparation as this is the best way to get a clear understanding of the basics of Physics.

  • NSEP exam is CBSE class 12 level, students should practise every chapter of Physics which is prescribed in the CBSE syllabus.

  • Maintain a habit of going through all the derivations, definitions and practise numericals on a daily basis. You can create a timetable and sign one chapter to each day.

  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone and resort to extra books for practising different kinds of questions. This will help you increase your confidence in problem solving.


NSEP 2023-24 previous years' question PDF download links are available at Vedantu. The details of NSEP exam pattern, syllabus and key features of NSEP are given for aspirants. The students qualifying in NSEP get a chance to attempt the Indian National Physics Olympiad. Vedantu has compiled NSEP previous years' question papers to help students prepare for exams. Students can visit Vedantu for checking the latest information of the NSEP exam by using both Vedantu’s site and app.

FAQs on NSEP Previous Years’ Question Paper - Free PDF Download

1. How to clear NSEP?

NSEP exam is a 12th class level exam, students are advised to read NCERT class XI and XII books thoroughly to prepare for NSEP. NCERT books will be the best choice for you to grasp basics and conceptual understanding. Solving NSEP previous years' question papers is a crucial addition to your preparation level. You should maintain a list of all the derivations, theories, formulas, practical knowledge, important numerical values and definitions. Make sure to glance through everything on a daily basis for best results.

2. How to enrol for NSEP?

The candidates who are willing to participate in the NCEP examination are required to follow a few steps. The candidates are expected to download a registration form from the official website of the IAPT first. After downloading the form, they have to fill in all their details. These details should include the candidate’s name, address, parents’ name, and the preferred language in which he or she wants to write the examination. 

After filling in all the accurate information, the candidate is expected to sign in a declaration stating that all the information is true. The registration and the declaration form should be submitted along with a fee of rupees 200 and also the name of the centre in which the candidate wants to give the examination. The amount that is paid is a one-time payment and nonrefundable.

3. Is NSEP difficult?

The National Standard Examination In Physics (NSEP) has been conducted by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) all over India and it is a voluntary examination that is used in selecting the candidates for the Indian olympiad program physics. All the national level examinations are tough and so is NSEP. Like every exam, NSEP could also be cracked with proper planning and referring to the correct study material.

4. How many students are selected in NSEP?

Every years', around 20,000-60,000 students apply for the NSEP Exam and around 1400 centres are associated with NSEP registration. The students who are qualified in the NSEP exam are advanced with an opportunity to attempt the Indian National Physics Olympiad. The estimated range of qualifying students in the NSEP 2023-24 exam is 300-500 students.

5. Is IOQP and NSEP the same?

IOQP stands for Indian Olympiad Qualifier for Physics and IOQP combines two exams together- NSEP (National Standard Examination in Physics) and INPHO (Indian National Physics Olympiad). The first test is NSEP and students who qualify in this exam are advanced to attempt INPHO.