NSEP 2020- Previous Year Question Paper

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Previous Year NSEP Papers

Due to Covid 19 - The usual three-stage procedure for the selection of the teams to represent India at the International Olympiad that has been followed in prior years is now being shortened to a two-stage procedure as a one-time exception only for the academic year 2020 - 21. Read more about IOQ 2020-21.

Why is NSEP PYQP important?

Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) conducts NSEP or National Standard Examination in Physics every year to encourage young talents of our country to pursue a career in Physics. Moreover, the competitive examination is the first step of appearing for INO (Indian National Olympiad). Hence it is quite apparent that the difficulty level of this entrance examination will be high. Thereby, NSEP aspirants need to be equipped with concrete preparation to crack this examination at one go. 

In this regard, the NSEP previous years question papers serve a vital purpose by making students aware of the types of questions asked. It also assists them to boost their confidence in this process. 

NSEP Question Papers - In a Nutshell 

Just like any other competitive examination, cracking a test like NSEP, candidates must have a strategic preparation. In this regard, NSEP past papers can prove to be beneficial as it aids students to assess the kind of questions they can expect in the examination. The exam pattern has been revised over the years. 

Hence consulting NSEP papers allows students to get a firm grasp on its exam pattern, marks distributions, instructions to write the answers and so on. To get access to these papers, you can visit the official website of IAPT and download the papers. 

Alternatively, you can also check out other reliable websites that offer these question papers along with the NSEP answer key. However, it is advised that you solve those questions only after covering the complete syllabus. 

Why are NSEP Previous Year Papers Vital?

NSEP examination is divided into two parts, A1 and A2. Following are details about both these parts -


Questions Contain 

Total Marks 










Now that you know the marks distribution, it will be easier for you to analyse the NSEP question paper in great detail. Furthermore, if you evaluate these papers minutely, you will understand that IAPT frames these questions to assess your in-depth topical knowledge of Physics. Hence if you wish to improve your problem-solving abilities, try to solve these questions as much as possible.

What are the Benefits of NSEP Previous Years’ Papers?

NSEP question paper is one of the most convenient methods to get a fair idea about this examination. Moreover, the following are some of the ways through which it helps you further -

  • Solving previous years’ questions helps you to do better time management.

  • It also effectively reduces your fear of examinations and boosts confidence. 

  • It also allows you to explore related topics that may add value to your preparation. 

For further reference, you can solve any of the question papers, such as the NSEP 2018 question paper. Along with that, try to incorporate sample papers as well to improve your performance in the examination. 

Did You Know? 

  • Almost 458 students were supposed to qualify the NSEP 2020 examination and eligible for INO 2021. 

  • NSEP question paper is printed in English, Hindi, and other regional languages provided that there are more than 300 students applied for that specific language. 

Thus with the right preparation and solving the NSEP question paper, you can ensure excellent scores in this entrance examination and acquire the eligibility to appear for Indian National Olympiad in Physics. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Syllabus of NSEP?

There is essentially no fixed syllabus for NSEP. However, to some great extent matches the CBSE curriculum of Class 11 and Class 12. Though the syllabus is not so complicated, the questions that are asked in the examination are of high to the moderate difficulty level. 

Some of the vital topics of this entrance test are- i) geometrical optics, ii) alternative current, iii) circular motion, iv) capacitor, v) centre of momentum, mass and collision, vi) electromagnetic field, vii) current electricity, viii) semiconductors, ix) electrostatics, x) work, energy, power. These chapters generally carry the highest marks. 

Apart from that, other chapters of the syllabus are equally crucial for this entrance examination. Since the syllabus is vast, it is of utmost importance for students to maintain a steady study plan and solve NSEP question papers regularly. 

2. What is the Exam Pattern of NSEP?

Before preparing for such a national level examination like NSEP, candidates need to have a clear idea about the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly. For the students who are appearing for the first time especially should know that this examination is of a duration of 2 hours. Moreover, it comprises two papers, A1 and A2. There A1 contains 60 MCQ with each carrying 3 marks for a correct answer and -1 for an incorrect answer. On the other hand, A2 contains 10 MCQs with each carrying 6 marks and 0 for a wrong answer. 

Apart from that, these questions are mainly conceptual and to answer them correctly; you need to prepare well. Furthermore, every year the cut-off of this examination varies. Hence, if you want to make it to the merit list, you need to religiously follow a study plan from the very beginning.  

3. What is the Eligibility to Appear for NSEP?

Before applying for NSEP, candidates should check their eligibility criteria for the same. For instance, students who are born on or before July 1st 2000 are not eligible for this examination. Along with that, they need to be residents of India and eligible to apply for Indian passport. 

Only the students who have passed class 12 or equivalent examination on or before November 30th 2017 are eligible to fill up the form of NSEP. Along with that, candidates cannot appear both in NSEP and NSEJS in the same year. 

However, for more information regarding the eligibility requirement of NSEP, you can refer to the official website.