NSEC Registration 2020

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NSEC 2020 Application Form

Due to Covid 19 - The usual three-stage procedure for the selection of the teams to represent India at the International Olympiad that has been followed in prior years is now being shortened to a two-stage procedure as a one-time exception only for the academic year 2020 - 21. Read more about IOQ 2020-21

The NSEC exam 2020 registration for centers begins soon. The last date for the registration for centers and schools will be updated at the IAPT official website in a few days. Due to the COVID -19, the whole process of center registration and enrollment of students for the NSEC exam 2020 is delayed till 20 August 2020. The NSEC examination will be conducted in November or it may get delayed.

National Standard Examination in Chemistry also now as NSEC is organized by the  Indian Association of Physics Teacher (IAPT) in collaboration with the association of Chemistry teachers. It is an examination helds, for senior secondary school students in the month of November. Over 30000 students from class 12th attempt this examination. NSEC is a qualifying stage for the International Chemistry Olympiad leading qualified students to participate in the Indian National Chemistry Olympiad. Being a doorway to Internationally recognized Olympiad, the NSEC exam offers interested candidates an opportunity to outperform in Chemistry. The candidates selected for NSEC can attempt the exam in both English and Hindi. Read the article below to get further information about the NSEC 2020 registration process.

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NSEC 2020 Registration/ Application Form Process

Interested Students can get the NSEC registration forms from their nearest NSEC center. The registration form of the National Standard Examination in Chemistry can be filled either online or by visiting the NSEC centers. The following steps can be followed to fill the NSEC registration forms.

Step 1: The students first have to approach the NSEC centers. IAPT has launched thousands of centers over the past few years. Students can visit any of their nearest NSEC centers and get their application forms.

Step 2: After visiting your nearest NSEC center, students can collect the NSEC 2020 registration form from the center coordinate and submit it back after filing the necessary details asked in the application form.

Interested students can also apply online for NSEC 2020 exams by clicking on the application form link available on the IAPT official website.

NSEC Registration Fees

  • Students looking to attempt the NSEC exam have to pay registration fees to the school authorities to complete their registration process.

  • The registration fees collected by the students are further submitted to the IAPT.

  • Registration fee collected by the candidates is a one-time fee and students who qualify and progress further are not asked to pay the fees till the last stage .

  • Registration fees once paid by the candidate, will not be refunded.

NSEC Registration Fee 2020

  • Total NSEC Fees - Rs. 150 per student per subject.

  • Total fees sent to the IAPT - Rs.120 per student.

The schools collect additional Rs.30 from the candidates for the expenses made by them such as remuneration to teachers and other expenses.

What is NSEC?

NSEC full form stands for National Standard Examination in Chemistry. It is organized by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT). IAPT organizes the NSEC exam every year in November at multiple test centers across the country. The NSEC exam does not merely depend on the students’ academic performance but also aims to appreciate the talent among the students and expose it worldwide.

NSEC exam 2020 will be organized in the month of November by IAPT or it may be delayed due to the COVID - 19.

NSEC 2020 Important Dates


Starting Date

Ending Date

Registration of Centers

August 2020

August 2020

Enrollment of Candidates

August 2020

September 2020

Last Date For the Payment of Fees through Center-In Charge by Center Login

September 2020

NSEC Examination Date

November 2020

Display of Marks

December 2020

Announcement of List of Candidates of Merit Index and above MAS

December 2020

Final List of Selected Candidates for INO

December 2020

NSEC Exam Pattern


Number of Questions

Total Marks










NSEC Syllabus

NSEC syllabus for 2020 is similar to the curriculum of the senior secondary level of CBSE, ICSE, State Board,or any other same affiliated board schools. The IAPT issues no specific NSEC syllabus, only certain guidelines of the course are mentioned.

NSEC Prizes

The main aim of conducting the National Standard Examination in Chemistry is to include as many students as possible from the country and showcase their talents worldwide. Top 300 qualified students of NSEC will be eligible for the Indian National Olympiad in Chemistry.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What are the Stages of the Chemistry Olympiad Examination?

Ans: The stages of the Chemistry Olympiad Examination are as follows:

  1. National Standard Examination in Chemistry (NSEC).

  2. Indian National Chemistry Olympiad ( INCHO).

  3. Orientation cum Selection camp in Chemistry (OSC).

  4. Pre-Departure Training Camp (PDT).

  5. Participation in International Chemistry Olympiad (ICho).

All the stages of the Chemistry Olympiad are managed by the HBCSE. Only Stage 1 i.e. National Standard Examination in Chemistry is managed by the Indian Association of Physics Chemistry (IAPT).

Q2. What are the Benefits of the NSEC Olympiad Exam?

Ans: National Standard Examination in Chemistry aims to promote the study of Chemistry among the students. The exam identifies the competency of the students and helps them to compete with their peers’ group by showcasing their potential of analytical, reasoning, application, and problem - solving skills. Hence, preparing students for the International Chemistry Olympiad Exam.

Q3. What is IAPT?

Ans: The IAPT is a body that manages the Physics Olympiad for India along with HBCSE. It was established in the year 1984 with the active support from Physics Teachers. The main aim of IAPT is to upgrade the quality of Physics teachers and Physics teaching at all levels.

The IAPT conducts the following examination each year in November throughout India:

  • National Standard Examination in Physics.

  • National Standard Examination in Chemistry.

  • National Standard Examination in Biology.

  • National Standard Examination in Astronomy.

  • National Standard Examination in Junior Science.

  • National Graduate Physics Examination.

Q4. What are the Main Objectives of the National Standard Examination?

Ans: National standard examinations are conducted with the following objectives.

  1. To help students to assess themselves against the national standard.

  2. To present an accurate perspective of subjects.

  3. To enhance the teacher-student interaction through discussion on the syllabus and question papers.

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