NSEA 2021 Syllabus

NSEA Astronomy Syllabus

The National Standard Examination in Astronomy is organized by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers and Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education. This is the very first stage of the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics. Students in Class 12th can take this examination. NSEA 2021 will be tentatively held in the third week of November. Students will get an opportunity to explore and assess their knowledge-base in astrophysics and astronomy through this examination. 

The syllabus of NSEA includes concepts of astronomy and its mathematical aspects which are to be well understood by every student aspiring to take the National Standard Examination in Astronomy. Also, they can download the previous years’ question papers and sample papers from Vedantu for their exam preparation. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Books That are to Be Consulted for NSEA Preparation?

Ans: The NCERT textbooks of 11th and 12th grades are to be consulted for revision of the Physics and Mathematics topics. For astronomy, students can consult the following books:

  • Universe, by William J. Kaufmann, Roger Freedman, and Robert Geller.

  • Astronomy- Principles and Practice, written by Roy and Clarke.  

2. Is a Calculator Allowed in NSEA?

Ans: Yes, calculators are allowed in NSEA and the IAPT and HBCSE authorities have provided a set of guidelines for the use of calculators during the exam. Calculators to be taken for the examination, cannot have any special graph mode or integration mode. Also, the calculators must not be equipped with any special equation-solver function or matrix mode. There is a list of calculators provided on the official website of the Indian Association of Physics Teachers. In fact, there are two lists of calculators given by IAPT, one for the calculators that are allowed in the examination and the other for the calculators that are strictly not permitted in the NSEA exam.

3. Where Can I Get the NSEA Syllabus Online?

Ans: There is no specific syllabus outlined for NSEA. However, students are to study the +2 syllabus of Physics, and Mathematics for their exam preparation. It is to be noted that a sound concept of the fundamentals of Astronomy is essential for the exam.

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