InPho 2021 Result

InPho Result

Due to Covid 19 - The usual three-stage procedure for the selection of the teams to represent India at the International Olympiad that has been followed in prior years is now being shortened to a two-stage procedure as a one-time exception only for the academic year 2020 - 21. Read more about IOQ 2020-21.

The international level competition in the subject of Physics - Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO in short) is aimed for secondary school students (11 and 12grade) with a view to boosting the development of international connections engaged in school education in Physics. The INPhO exam is the 2nd stage of the 5-stages Olympiad programme for Physics in India. Conducted by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), it’s usually held on the last Sunday of January (or on the first Sunday of February). Qualifying INPhO ultimately leads to selection in the International Physics Olympiad.

INPho Olympiad Result 2021

The INPHO olympiad result 2021 will be available online on the official website of HBCSE. Each participating candidate will be able to download their Indian National Physics Olympiad result 2021 by filling in the details like NSE Roll Number, DOB, and the verification code. Orientation-Cum-Selection Camps (OCSC) Exam Schedule for Physics 2021 is generally held between the last week of May to the first week of June.

INPHO Olympiad Result And Cut off Latest Update

You might be impatient about your result of the NSEP 2021 and the Olympiad program. However, the COVID-19 related crisis and the associated unpredictability have delayed the announcements. The organizing committee is in liaison with the National Steering Committee to advance ahead with the Olympiad programme 2020-2021 in terms of figuring out a viable schedule of examinations and selection. Currently, the whole process of center registration of students for NSE - 2021 is delayed until August 20, 2021. The examination is sure to take place and maybe a little delayed. For regular important information about INPho and physics Olympiad, we will keep you updated from time to time.

Best Reference Books for INPhO 2020-2021 Exam Preparation

Below you will find a list of reference books for the Preparation of Physics Olympiad (INPhO and IPhO). Keep in mind that many below mentioned titles are in international languages for which English translations are also available-

  • 32nd International Physics Olympiad– Proceedings, Sinan Kaan Yerti and Ibrahim Gunal

  • Proceedings of the 33rd International Physics Olympiad

  • Proceedings of the 34th International Physics Olympiad, [Sophia Ynag and Ming-Juey Lin- Jessica Chang]

  • Proceedings of 35th International Physics Olympiad

  • Proceedings of 36th International Physics Olympiad

  • International Physics Competitions and First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics- Waldemar Gorzkowski

  • Megjunadodni Olimpijadi po Fizika, Viktor Urumov

  • Medzunarodne Olimpijade iz Fizike, Boris Grbic- Marko Dzordzevic- Marko Stoshic - Mirjana Popovic-Bozic - 

  • Gunter Lind- Physikalische Olympiade-Aufgaben

  • Waldemar Gorzkowski- Andrzej Kotlicki - Lars Silverberg

  • Recueil des Sujets de Concours des Olympiades Internationales de Physique 1967-1984

  • Shen Ke-qi - Cong Shu-tong,

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Will Be the Cut Off for Indian National Physics Olympiad Result?

The INPho 2021 cut off is not released since the delay in the examination due to the covid-19 related pandemic. However, answering the question, the INPho cut off depends upon the changes of marks after reassessment. By executing web scrapers we get to know the marks of every candidate who wrote INPHO.

2. My Friend Scored 57.5 on 114.5 in INPho 2019. Is This Score Good or Bad? Does She Stand a Chance for INPho?

Given the academic year 2019, there are scores of more students given the exam, and considering that there must thus be some increment in the INPho cut off because of it, the cutoff shall be around 60 or 62 in 120 marks. However, this is not certain because the whole concept of INPho cut off and selection is based on relative performance; this was presuming that the cutoff remains the same percentage of marks on the whole.

3. What Will Be the Best Preparation for the Physics Olympiad?

Those already preparing for JEE need not do much preparation for these Olympiads separately since they don't have much content outside the general JEE syllabus (unlike INMO for instance, which is a different game altogether). Augmenting your problem-solving skills with an irodov/krotov book is a good idea. Also, as with all exams, check thoroughly through the past year papers which are available on the official website. Practicing steadily through INPho previous year papers will make even mundane calculus optimization come off. In addition, one helpful trick that might come in handy is vector calculus. Ample of physics problems can be pretty mechanically reduced to mathematical equations and then brute-forced with almost 0 physical insights.

4. How do I Study for NSEP and INPHO from the Beginning? What Study Material Do I Refer to?

The first thing you need to do is to be thorough with a basic JEE book (the best example we can provide is HC VERMA’s CONCEPTS OF PHYSICS). If you have set a strong base in solving these problems, half the job is done as it gives you unimaginably excellent concept clarity. Following this, you can begin using these books to crack the INPHO exam…

  • Aptitude test problems in physics by SS Krotov

  • Indian national physics Olympiad by SAURABH.A (published by Arihant)

  • DC Pandey’s series(published by Arihant) [particularly for NSEP]

  • Problems in general physics by IE Irodov

  • 200 puzzling problems in physics by Peter Gnadig

Note: - you can get access to all these books as pdf files or on Scribd.

If you still seek more questions to practice, you can also solve USAPHO papers available on the web (U.S. Physics Team). Moreover, you can solve past year IPHO papers. For the INPho exam, the most helpful material is the INPHO previous year question papers.