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IAO Exam Sample Paper

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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IAO Sample Paper with Solutions

These IAO sample papers by Vedantu are mock tests that have been created using the most recent IAO syllabus, instructions, and blueprints. These sample papers are rendered in the exact same pattern as the actual examination papers. Here we have provided sample paper PDFs for IAO exams. Students can check their level of understanding and enhance their problem-solving skills by solving IAO sample papers provided by Vedantu.

The International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO) is an annual astronomy scientific-education event for high school students (14–18 years old) that includes an academic competition. It's a part of the International Science Olympiads series.

The IAO Was Established in 1996 By the Eurasian Astronomical Society.

  • The competition is divided into three sections: theoretical, practical, and observational. Students are given a few problems to solve in each round (or one complex problem).

  • The time allocated to solve theoretical problems should be 4 hours, and the time allotted to solve practical problems should be 3-4 hours.

  • Contestants can use logarithm tables, slide rules, non-programmable pocket calculators, and drawing material to solve the problems. The students will be the ones to bring these aids.

  • The number of points available for each problem is determined in advance by the competition organiser, but the total number of points for theoretical problems should be 40-48, practical problems should be 20 and observational problems should be 20. (Extra points can be awarded for the best solutions.) 

  • The practical round's problems should include theoretical analysis (planning, discussion), as well as execution. 

  • The observational round's problems should be linked to the real sky. The competitors should be prepared for the sky of the Olympiad's venue.

FAQs on IAO Exam Sample Paper

1. In What Languages Can We Take the IAO Olympiad?

Ans. The Olympiad's working languages are Russian and, if applicable, English, which are the official languages of the Euro-Asian Astronomical Society. However, the team leaders are supposed to translate the problems into the native languages of their respective countries.

2. How are the Teams Formed in the IAO?

Ans. The Olympiad is contested by teams from the participating nations, which are made up of National Olympiad winners and prizewinners from the previous International Olympiad. Participants in the Olympiad are not permitted to attend any higher education institutions.

The Olympiad member-states' departments of the EAAS (or, in their absence, other astronomical societies, leading observatories, astronomical departments of universities, education ministries, and other competent bodies of these countries) are allowed to form the Olympiad member-states' teams.

3. What is the Aim of the IAO Olympiad?

Ans. The purpose of the IAO olympiad is as follows-

  • Popularisation of natural science literacy, as well as a scientific approach to astronomy and related sciences;

  • Enhancement of young people's interest in astronomy, physics, and cosmonautics;

  • Identifying gifted students and providing assistance to them;

  • Energising faculty activities, circles, sections, scientific societies, student clubs, and other types of activities for them;

  • Improvements in the teaching of astronomy and astronomical aspects of physics in high schools; 

  • Assistance to students in deciding on a career path.