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IMO 2023-24 Exam Date

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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IMO Olympiad Exam Date 2023-24

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is an annual high school Mathematics competition that takes place in a different country each year. Romania was the country where the first International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) was held in 1959. It has steadily grown to encompass more than 100 countries across five continents. The International Maritime Organization's Board ensures that the tournament takes place every year and that each host country follows the IMO's rules and traditions.


The IMO Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps the IMO. The IMO Foundation website serves as the organization's public face. This is a particularly useful site for those who aren't mathematicians but want to learn more about the International Mathematical Olympiad. Following EU data protection legislation, data is stored at IMO-official. If a participant prefers to remain anonymous (neither their photo nor their name will be displayed publicly), they should submit a request to the IMO secretary. 


Students who are preparing to appear for the International Mathematics Olympiad must be familiar with the exam dates. Knowing the IMO exam date provides the students with a tentative timeline to design their preparation schedule accordingly. Usually, the exam dates for IMO are announced in advance so that the students get sufficient time to prepare for their exams. The IMO conducting body, the Science Olympiad Foundation announces the IMO exam dates for Classes 1 to 12 on their official website. To prevent students from the hassle of searching for the exam dates of IMO, we have provided all details about the same on this page. 

IMO Olympiad 2023-24 Exam Date

The SOF provides a range of dates for conducting the IMO exam. Schools may select any one date for organizing the Olympiad exams in their schools. Change of date, however,  is not allowed. Separate questions will be asked for the exams arranged on different dates. Schools should send registration forms to the SOF a minimum of 30 days before the selected date of the IMO exam.

IMO is conducted at two levels - Level 1 and 2. The Level 2 exams are usually conducted within 2 months after the Level 1 exams are over.

IMO 2023-24 Exam dates along with the tentative result dates have been released by the Science Olympiad Foundation on their website. The answer key release details are also shared below.


Answer Key Release


  • There are 3 dates schools can choose for the conduction of the IMO Exam.

  • The school can select either of these  3  dates - 31st October 2023, 30th November 2023 & 14th  December 2023.

  • The downloadable answer keys to questions will be released by SOF by January 2024.

  • The answer keys for IMO  will be released separately for set A, Set B, and Set C. 

  • IMO Results are expected to be  declared by January 2024.

  • The results are sent to schools as well as uploaded on the official website.


IMO 2023-24 Exam Date - Eligibility Criteria

There are no specific eligibility criteria for participation in IMO level 1. Students studying in standards 1-12 can appear for the exam.


IMO 2023-24 Exam Registration Process

The IMO 2023-24 Registration Process is currently offline. The students can go through the table below for a better understanding.



Step 1

SOF registered schools receive the prospectus and application forms for students

Step 2

Schools distribute the application forms to students to fill

Step 3

Students fill out the application forms and submit the same with a fee of INR 125

Step 4

Schools return the duly filled application forms and the fees to SOF within the due date

Step 5

Students are assigned a roll number by the coordinating teacher

Step 6

Students can download the IMO admit card from the official website, a week before the exam. Hall tickets will also be sent to students’ registered Email ID and mobile number.


IMO Exam Paper Pattern & Structure 2023-24

Being aware of the IMO Exam Paper Pattern can be helpful before students start preparing for the exam. This will make them familiar with the topics that can come in the paper.  The table below will aid the students appearing for IMO-2023-24 in getting a comprehensive idea of the exam pattern.



No of Questions

Marks for Each Question

Total Marks


Logical Reasoning




Mathematical Reasoning




Everyday Mathematics




Achievers Section




Grand Total





Logical Reasoning




Mathematical Reasoning/Applied Mathematics




Everyday Mathematics




Achievers Section




Grand Total





Logical Reasoning




Mathematical Reasoning/Applied Mathematics




Everyday Mathematics




Achievers Section




Grand Total





What is the IMO Exam?

IMO exam is a Mathematics competition organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) for the students of classes 1 to 12 to observe and support future scientists, technologists, and IT talents at the school level. The IMO exam full form stands for International Mathematics Olympiad Exams. The IMO exam paper is held annually to identify and encourage the Mathematics skills of the students both in India and abroad. It provides exposure to the students both at the National and International platforms. Students who participated in the IMO exam are ranked based on the marks obtained by them in the IMO exam paper level 1. After completing the level 1 exam, students can

judge themselves academically at 4 different levels i.e. within the school, at the state level, at the city level, and above all at the international level.


International Mathematics Olympiad Exam Highlights

IMO Highlights 

Important Details

Conducting Body

Science Olympiad Foundation

Question Type

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Mode of Examination


IMO Exam Duration for Level 1

60 Minutes

IMO Exam Duration for Level 2

60 Minutes

Medium of Exam



CBSE, ICSE/SSC, and State Board



IMO Exam Points to Remember

  • International Mathematics Olympiad Level 2 exam is organized for the students of class 3rd to 12th.  

  • The students of class 3rd to 12th are eligible for IMO Level 2 exams after qualifying their Level 1.      

  • IMO exam answer key will be issued after the exams are conducted.   

  • The International Mathematics Olympiad Level 1 exam results are typically announced within two weeks of conducting the exams.      

  • Students appearing in the exam are suggested to solve IMO solved papers to know the exam patterns and the level of questions that can be asked in the exam.      

IMO Selection Process

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is an annual mathematical competition for students under the age of 20 who have not yet begun their university education.

Each year, each participating country sends a maximum of six students. The selection method varies per country, but it usually entails numerous rounds of competition, each progressively tougher, after which the number of contenders is reduced until just the final six are picked.

Many countries also host training events for IMO hopefuls to boost performance and assist with team selection. India has been a member of IMO since 1989. The mathematical olympiad activity is overseen by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM), which has entrusted the execution to the Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education (HBCSE).

There are four stages to the selection process: The programme, on the other hand, is divided into six stages.

  1. PRMO is held at the school level and is known as Stage 1 or Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad. It's a two-and-a-half-hour test with 30 questions.

  2. Stage 2, also known as the Regional Mathematical Olympiad, is where shortlisted candidates from the previous stage compete. It is a three-hour exam with six problems administered at a restricted number of centers throughout the country's 25 designated regions. The top 900 candidates (roughly 900) go to the third round.

  3. The INMO, or Indian National Mathematical Olympiad, takes place in 28 cities across India on the third Sunday of January. Six problems must be solved in four hours for the exam to be passed. The top students from the INMO (about 35) are invited to the fourth stage.

  4. The International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp, or Stage 4, takes place at HBCSE in April and May. Orientation is delivered to students at this camp by resource persons from various institutions across the country. During the camp, there will be several selection tests. Six students are chosen to represent India at the IMO based on their achievement in these tests.

  5. Stage 5 or IMO: The Olympiad program concludes with the student's participation in the IMO. The pupils are accompanied by four teachers or mentors.

IMO 2023-24 Exam - How to Check Result

Checking the results for IMO can be done by visiting the official website. Students can go through the steps below for easy understanding.

  • Go to the official website

  • Click on the button displaying the word “Result.”

  • Once you click, you are redirected to a page asking for your roll number, and a Captcha will be asked to solve.

  • Once you click on show result, you will find the result attached with the details of the exam and the marks.

  • You can save and take a printout of the IMO level 1 exam results for future needs.

The results are also available with the school and can be accessed to print.


IMO 2023-24 Exam Mock Papers

The IMO cut-off will be released in January 2023. However, to make sure that students are able to score well even if they do not know the cut-off marks, Vedantu has made them available on its website IMO mock papers for students. These sample papers will help the participating students to score good marks. The students can make use of these sample papers to get familiar with the type of questions that can be asked. This will also aid the students to time themselves efficiently for the test.


IMO 2023-24 Exam Preparation tips

Whether or not a student is appearing for the IMO for the first time, IMO 2023-24 can make them nervous. Therefore, the experts at Vedantu bring you tips that can help you to score well in the IMO Exam.

  1. Be thorough with the IMO Syllabus. 

  2. Go through the Exam structure and pattern.

  3. Identify your tough spots and work on them more.

  4. Take the help of relevant books for concept clarity.

  5. To become more efficient in your preparation, create and follow a timetable.

  6. Take regular breaks.

  7. Practise sample papers and time yourself. 

FAQs on IMO 2023-24 Exam Date

1. What is the International Mathematical Olympiad?

Ans: The International Mathematical Olympiad, also known as the third Level Mathematics Olympiad is the Global Championship Mathematics Competition for High school students and is organized annually in different countries. The first IMO was organized in Romania in 1959 with participants from 7 different countries. The competition was further expanded to 100 countries from 5 continents. The IMO board assures that competition strictly takes place each year in different countries and the host of each country should observe the regulations and traditions of IMO exams.

2. Are There Any Dedicated Books for the Preparation of IMO?

Ans: Generally, the NCERT books or the course books are prescribed by the CBSE/ICSE/STATE BOARDS, but there are some reference books for the preparations. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • MTG Class wise Workbooks (For Class 1 to 12)

  • SOF Olympiad Trainer’ Mobile Apps

  • OSDS (Olympiad Skill Development System)

  • Previous Years’ Papers

  • Olympiads’ Books of Reasoning (for preparation for the reasoning section of Olympiads)

  • The 100 Percent Real Test Papers

  • E-Quiz

3. I’m Interested in the IMO but My School Has Not Received Any Information Regarding Olympiads, How Can I Approach the Same?

Ans: In case the school is not registered with SOF, it can still request the prospectus by contacting SOF via phone (0124-4951200) or email ( Students must fill the registration forms with the required details and submit them to their respective schools.

4. My School Does Not Want to Register for the IMO, Can I Register Myself Individually?

Ans: While the SOF encourages the registration of the schools with the foundation for accepting students for the Olympiad exams, students can also opt to register individually, as mentioned on the official website, in case the school is unable to participate. Students can directly contact SOF via phone or email and express their desire to participate in IMO exams. Such students will be further guided by the SOF regarding their registration process for the IMO exams. 

5. Are the eligibility criteria for both level 1 and level 2 the same for the IMO exam?

Ans: The eligibility requirements of students for IMO level 1 and IMO level 2 tests are very different. While all students in grades 1 through 12 can take the IMO level 1 test, only students in grades 3 through 10 can take the IMO level 2 exam. Additionally, students must meet a few extra criteria for the level 1 IMO exam and level 2 IMO exam at the class, national, and worldwide levels, which are detailed on Vedantu's website and mobile app.

6. How can a student prepare well for the IMO exam?

Ans: The chapters that are taught in school are used to design the majority of the International Mathematics Olympiad tests. Exam preparation does not necessitate the use of any additional reference books. Vedantu, on the other hand, has comprehensive study materials for the International Mathematics Olympiad exam on its website and mobile app. The study material is provided free of charge so that students are familiar with the fundamental concepts of Mathematics to pass the IMO level 1 and level 2 exams. The questions on the IMO exam papers are not the same as the questions that are taught in school.

7. Why is it important for students to attempt the IMO exam?

Ans: The IMO examinations assess a child's skill and potential to a great level. It allows them to thrive in today's competitive environment and mathematical skills along with improving their confidence. This exam encourages students to dig deeper into scientific facts and gain a better understanding of them to improve their reasoning, analytical, and problem-solving abilities. They also place a high priority on the area where they lack skill so that adequate training can be provided to help them improve. This acts as an overall mind calibre development. 

8. What is the application process of IMO?

Ans: Interested candidates should contact their schools for IMO exam registration forms. Following the processes below, students can apply for a registration form through their schools.

The prospectus, which includes the registration forms, will be sent to the schools that have registered with SOF. First and foremost, schools must register with SOF. Students can register for classes at their local schools. If the school is not already registered with SOF, it can nevertheless, receive potential students by contacting SOF. SOF can be reached by phone (0124-4951200) or email by schools.  Interested candidates can fill out forms with all of the necessary information and submit them to their schools. Before the due date, the school must submit duly registered forms to SOF. For more information on IMO, visit Vedantu.

9. What is the Exam pattern of IMO?


For students in classes 1 to 4: In the IMO exam paper, there are a total of 35 questions. The exam lasts 60 minutes if you attempt 35 questions. There are four sections in the IMO Exam 

Questions Paper for Classes 1 to 4:

The first section is on logical thinking (10 questions)

Section 2: Mathematical Inference (10 questions)

Section 3: Basic Mathematical Concepts (10 questions)

Section of Achievers (5 questions) 

Students in classes 5 to 12 must attempt 50 questions to pass the tests. The IMO exam lasts 60 minutes if you attempt 50 questions. There are four sections in the IMO Exam Question Paper for Classes 5 to 12.

The first section is on logical thinking ( 15 questions )

Section 2: Mathematical Inference (20 questions)

Section 3: Basic Mathematical Concepts ( 10 questions)

Achievers Section (Section 4) ( 5 questions)