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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Chapter 9 - Urban Livelihoods

Last updated date: 19th Jun 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Chapter 9 - Urban Livelihoods - Free PDF Download

Embark on an intriguing exploration with Class 6 Chapter 9 - 'Urban Livelihoods.' This chapter unravels the dynamics of jobs and work in urban areas, exploring how people earn a living in cities. Designed for Class 6 students, it simplifies complex concepts, making the study of urban livelihoods engaging and accessible. As we all know, nowadays, there are many resources that provide readymade NCERT Solutions, in both offline and online modes, but all the brilliant students need to choose the one that is correct for them. Among many e-learning portals that are available nowadays online, Vedantu is the most trusted and reliable source. With the solutions that are available there, one can score high marks in their examination.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6


Class 6 Social Science

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Social Science Social and Political Life

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Chapter 9 - Urban Livelihoods


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Access NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science( Economics) Chapter 9 - Urban Livelihoods

1. Read and discuss the following description of the living conditions of workers who come to the labour chowk. Most workers that we find at the labour chowk cannot afford permanent accommodation and so sleep on pavements near the chowk, or they pay ₹ 6 a night for a bed at a nearby night shelter run by the Municipal Corporation. To compensate for the lack of security, local tea and cigarette shops function as banks, moneylenders and safety lockers, all rolled into one. Most workers leave their tools at these shops for the night for safekeeping, and pass on any extra money to them. The shopkeepers keep the money safely and also offer loans to labourers in need.

Ans: Given below are the living conditions of workers who come to the labour chowk:-

  • Most labourers live in deplorable conditions.

  • They can't afford permanent housing, so they sleep on the sidewalk near the chowk or pay $6 per night for a room at a Municipal Corporation-run shelter nearby.

  • They are not employed on a long-term basis.

  • Local tea and cigarette stores serve as banks for them, as well as storing their tools for the night.

  • These shops lend money to labourers.

2. Complete the following table and discuss how their work is different:


Place of work


Security of work

Benefits received

Work on their own or employed

Bachchu Manjhi

Rs. 100 a day

Harpreet, Vandana

Work on their own


No security



Rs. 30,000 p.m.



Place of work


Security of work

Benefits received

Work on their own or employed

Bachchu Manjhi

Rikshaw Pullar

Rs. 100 a day

No security

No benefits

Work on their own

Harpreet, Vandana

Garment showroom

Good exchange

Yes license to do business

Growth in the business

Work on their own


Garment factory

Rs. 80 per day for 8 hours

No security

Rs. 40 for Extra




Rs. 30,000 p.m.


Paid leave, medical facilities, PF, etc. 


3. In what ways is a permanent and regular job different from a casual job? Discuss.

Ans: A permanent employment differs from a casual job in the following ways:-

Permanent Job

Casual Job

Working Hours



Job security


Not secured



Not fixed

Paid holidays and leaves



Extra benefits



In a permanent job, employees get a regular salary whereas in casual jobs there is no job security. And also in casual jobs workers are expected to work for longer hours. 

4. What benefits does Sudha get along with her salary?

Ans: Sudha will receive the following advantages:

  • She has a secure career.

  • She will have access to medical care for herself and her family.

  • She will be able to save for her retirement as a provident fund.

  • She will be able to take advantage of government holidays and Sundays as non-working days.

5. Fill in the following table to show the services provided by people in the markets which you visit frequently.

Name of the shop or office

Nature of the service provided


Name of the shop or office

Nature of the service provided

Anand Medical Store


China Town Food Corner

Fast/junk food items

Shree Sai Dairy

Confectionary items

Rinky General Store


NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science - Social and Political Life Chapter-9

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NCERT Solutions for Chapter 9 Urban Livelihoods Class 6.

Class 6 Political science Chapter 9, Urban Livelihoods deals with the people living in the urban areas, those who work for themselves or those people who work for someone, that is if they are employed or not. People try to earn their living in various ways, some people travel from rural areas to urban areas with the hope of pursuing a better life but enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, they also need to work hard. People opt for various kinds of jobs, such as selling goods, repairing items, working under a firm, etc. Some people struggle a lot to make ends meet and could hardly afford proper accommodation or necessities. 

Sometimes, they live with extremely poor sanitation, which in turn affects their health. They often struggle to find a permanent job, in this urban society. The children fail to get proper education and they also hardly get any proper medical facilities due to their poverty. Although people having Government jobs can enjoy many facilities like a proper salary, medical facilities, access to facilities such as Provident Fund, and a good lifestyle. 

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  • Chapter 9- Urban Livelihoods

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The NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Chapter 9 - Urban Livelihoods, provided by Vedantu, prove invaluable for Class 6 students. These NCERT solutions introduce Social concepts in an accessible manner, simplifying complex ideas for easy understanding. Utilizing Vedantu's NCERT Solutions enables students to deepen their understanding of NCERT concepts, empowering them to excel in their studies and develop a genuine appreciation for Urban Livelihoods. In Class 6, Chapter 9 - Urban Livelihoods, key topics revolve around understanding how people earn a living in cities and exploring various jobs and work dynamics in urban areas. The chapter aims to provide Class 6 students with a comprehensive insight into urban livelihoods.

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4. What is urban livelihood?

Urban livelihood refers to the people who live in cities. They earn by performing various different kinds of jobs to live a livelihood with basic amenities. Many people, every day, come to the cities from villages in search of better jobs and wages. People work hard to live in cities every day. Usually, the number of opportunities are better and more in cities i.e., in urban areas than in rural areas than in villages due to limited available resources in rural areas. 

5. What do you mean by rural livelihood Class 6?

Rural livelihood is quite opposite to urban livelihood. Rural livelihood refers to the people living in villages. When people live in villages with minute amenities and opportunities, their income is also low. Rural livelihood refers to the income sources that are available to the people in rural areas. These areas are not well developed and usually have very limited sources to work with. 

6. What is an urban area for Class 6?

Urban area refers to the cities and towns, which are well developed and still developing to provide and offer more advanced opportunities and resources to the people living there. These are the areas where civilization and urbanization are more developed, which support many people’s lives and their basic amenities. Infrastructure is well-formed in these areas, hence serves many lives. 

7. What are the sources of urban livelihood?

Sources in urban areas are probably more as compared to rural areas. Urban livelihood provides you with several opportunities to run your lives. Every day, new industries are building up and they need many people to run them successfully. These constructions offer and provide daily wages to many urban people. There are many small business setups in urban areas, which provide opportunities to many people to showcase their talent while earning a livelihood for themselves and for their families.

8. What is the profession of Vandana Class 6?

Vandana is a dress designer and works as a self-employed person in a showroom. Her salary is flexible according to the projects she receives at the showroom. However, her job is secured at the showroom. She is a self-employed girl who is working and earning herself a good livelihood by showcasing her talent to bring the projects and successfully fulfilling clients demands. 

9. What benefits does Sudha get along with her salary in Class 6th social science?

The benefits Sudha gets along with her salary are:

  • She can deposit her provident fund as her savings.

  • She can take medical leave whenever she feels ill or not well.

  • Her company will provide her with medical facilities.

  • She will get leave every Sunday, national holidays, and also some annual leaves from the company.