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Madhya Pradesh Board (MPBSE)

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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MP Board (MPBSE) Previous Year Question Papers, Sample Papers and Syllabus for Class 10 & 12 - All Subjects

Madhya Pradesh state conducts its board exam at the state level for class 10th and 12th every year in the month of february to march. M.P board set their syllabus of both class 10th and 12th based on the capability of students so that they can increase the number of educated students in their state. Their main aim is to educate you in a simple way so that you can get success ahead. Each student wishes to be the top rank holder of their state board and for that each one of you works hard. 

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Madhya Pradesh Board (MPBSE) - Free PDF Download

How To Do Preparation:

You can make your perfect exam preparation strategy which enhances their motivation and enthusiasm towards studying. Class 10th and 12th have different syllabus and difficulty level also, so we have to study according to the syllabus. In our school journey, we appear in board exams twice, the first time when we are in 10th standard and second time when we are in 12th standard. The only difference between both board exams is that in class 10, we don’t need to choose a stream of our interest but in class 12th we all get the opportunity of choosing the stream of our own choice.

Question Paper Format of Class 10th and 12th

Madhya Pradesh Board is conducted by the board of secondary education, (M.P) and they regulate all activities of board exam as board exam of class 10th and 12th is conducted annually. As per new pattern question paper of class 10th and 12th is of 80 marks and 20 marks is for internal assessment and passing marks for each subject is 27 instead of 33. They also conduct practical exams of mains subjects like science, maths, social science, english, hindi for class 10th and for class 12th practical exams are for subjects like science, arts, home science. Class 12 main exam is of 70 marks and 30 marks are for practicals but for commerce students, the main exam is of 80 marks and practical exam is of 20 marks. 

Importance of Solving Previous Year Question Paper:

You can learn all these patterns of M.P Board before appearing in exams by solving previous years solved question papers. So to make you learn the pattern of question paper Vedantu provides you with previous year solved question paper of each subject of both class 10th and 12th board. By solving previous year question papers you can learn the pattern of paper, marking scheme, variations of question in exam and by learning all these things you can score good marks in board exams. 

Role of Solved Sample Papers

Along with solved previous year papers of class 10th and 12th, Vedantu provides you with so many sample papers of each subject for both class 10th and 12th. We set paper by keeping in mind the pattern and syllabus which M.P Board covers. We believe in giving you the quality of content instead of quantity. By solving sample papers you can learn answer framing ability along with time management and all these tricks are going to play a magic point in your exams. The more you practice the more you get adapted towards question paper. 

Syllabus of Class 10th Board

In class 10th, M.P board has five main subjects: Science, Social Science, Hindi, English, Maths and all these subjects are equally important to score high percentage.

Subject Wise Syllabus of 10th M.P Board:


Number system, Algebra, Linear equation in one or two variables, Quadratic equations, Arithmetic progression, Geometry, Trigonometry, Height and Distance, Coordinate geometry, circles, Construction, Mensuration, Statics and Probability, Proof of mathematics. 


Science as a subject divided into three sub-parts Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Units of Science subject:  

Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour,  World of Living, Natural Phenomena,  Effects of Current,  Natural Resources.

Social Science: 

Social science is also divided into three sub-parts: History, Civics and Geography. There are a total of 15 chapters in social science. Below its syllabus unit wise. 

India: resource, industry, transports communication and foreign trade, disaster management, map and marking, first struggle for freedom and after, events related to independence, major events of the post-independence period, Indian constitution, working of Indian democracy, major challenges before democracy, story of development, service sector, consumer awareness, economic system and globalisation.

FAQs on Madhya Pradesh Board (MPBSE)

1. Syllabus of Class 12th Biology Subject of  M.P Board

Syllabus of class 12th M.P board is given below in column format:

Sexual reproduction

Genetics and evolution

Biology and human welfare

Biotech and its application

Ecology and environment

2. Write Few Profits of Using M.P Board Syllabus.

While doing preparation it's very important to know about the syllabus. Some of the benefits of using M.P board syllabus are listed below:

1. By referring to syllabus we can know about paper patterns. 

2. We can make our own plan to do preparation. 

3. We plan our time management strategy if we are familiar with our syllabus.