Madhya Pradesh Board (MPBSE) Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12 Physics 2015

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MP Board (MPBSE) Class 12 Physics Previous Year Question Paper 2015 with Solutions - Free PDF Download

  • Solving the PYQP is one of the major steps towards reaching your aim of scoring high in the MP Board Exams.

  • Solving MP Board Question papers gives the student an idea of the following crucial points.

  1. Clarity on the Exam Pattern.

  2. Updated Syllabus.

  3. The difficulty level of questions asked in the past years.

  4. Types of questions asked- Descriptive or MCQs.

  5. Overview of the marking scheme.

  6. Variation in weightage of topics from the previous year’s exams.

Students intending to score well in the upcoming Class 12 Physics Exam, need to have a thorough knowledge of the points mentioned above. They can prepare well for the upcoming Class 12 Physics MP Board Exam, if they have a good knowledge of the exam pattern.

For your convenience, our subject-matter experts have prepared study materials including the notes related to Class 12 Physics. The notes cover all the important topics, as per the latest MPBSE Physics Exam Pattern. 

On Vedantu, you will also get the Solved MP board Physics papers. These solutions are very simple and by going through these,  the tough concepts of Physics will be at your fingertips.

Madhya Pradesh Board (MPBSE) Physics Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Write the Formula That Describes the Relationship Between the Focal Length and the Radius of Curvature of a Spherical Mirror.

We know that in a spherical mirror, the focal length f = Half of the radius of curvature (R) of the mirror.

So, the formula becomes f = R/2.

2. Can I Apply for the Change of MP Board 12th Exam Center?

No. MP board doesn’t provide a facility for changing the class 12th board exam center. However, in case of any difficulty, students can consult their school authority regarding the change in center. 

3. What Will Be the Effect of Self-Inductance in a Solenoid If a Soft Iron Core Is Placed in It?

The following are the benefits of placing a soft iron (ferrous/iron) core inside the solenoid.

  • By placing a soft iron core, the magnetic field lines become concentrated. 

  • The magnetic field strength increases. 

  • The magnetic flux linkage between the coils (such as in a transformer) also improves due to the high magnetic permeability of the soft iron.

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