Madhya Pradesh Board (MPBSE) Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12 Physics 2017

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MP Board (MPBSE) Class 12 Physics Previous Year Question Paper 2017 with Solutions - Free PDF Download

Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, also known as the MPBSE, is a well-recognized board among other state boards. This educational foundation is an informative Education Board in India.

The MPBSE was founded in 1965. This organization has been operational with its head office in Bhopal. This board has different units to support its regular activities. The MPBSE has created its original educational structure and has created excellent teaching techniques for its students. They have succeeded in the spread of quality education and agreed with a standard syllabus.

Madhya Pradesh Board (MPBSE) Physics Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Mention Some Useful Examples Regarding Remote Sensing.

Ans: Some useful examples on remote sensing include film photography, charge-coupled devices, infrared and radiometers. The emitted energy from the active collection is used to scan objects and areas. The emitted energy is reflected from the target after being detected by a sensor.

Q2. Explain that Silicon is a Semiconductor.

Ans: The main reason is that Silicon is the vital component of sand, and for this purpose, it is less expensive than other essential semiconductor materials. Before the use of Silicon, Germanium was used as a semiconductor.

Q3. Describe the Importance of Optics.

Ans: Optics helps us study the facts like how light reflects off the objects or the energy of other forms of electromagnetic waves. It is helpful in many ways. The fact is, we can’t even see or read without optical phenomena.

Q4. What are the Basic Tips Given by Vedantu for MPBSE Board Exams?

Ans: Vedantu plays a vital role in many educational activities. Vedantu has always been meticulous about eminent learning for Physics. The approachability, along with the detailed questions and solutions to practice papers, is helpful to our students as per the MPBSE board exam pattern.

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