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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Physics Chapter 4 Thermodynamics - PDF

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 12th Solutions for Physics Chapter 4 Thermodynamics – Download PDF with Solutions

Thermodynamics is a very significant chapter included in the Physics syllabus for Class 12 Students of the Maharashtra Board. The chapter discusses the important concepts of heat transfer, internal energy, work, etc. Students of Class 12 Physics need to have a good understanding of this chapter since it has a huge weightage in the board exams. For further details about the chapter, students can download Thermodynamics Physics Class 12 notes PDF.

Vedantu is offering comprehensive and accurate solutions for the Thermodynamics chapter in the syllabus. The subject matter experts at Vedantu have a collective aim to provide the best possible study materials to students and improve their knowledge of Thermodynamics. Hence, if you wish to perform well in your board exams and excel in Physics, download Class 12 Physics Chapter 4 Exercise solutions offered by Vedantu right now.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Importance of Maharashtra Board Physics Class 12 Chapter 4

For learning the concepts and topics related to Thermodynamics, there is no doubt that students are going to need some help. Such a vast topic has been covered in a very accurate manner in the chapter. The topics included in the chapter on Thermodynamics are Thermal Equilibrium, Zeroth's Law of Thermodynamics, Internal Energy, Work, Heat, and much more.

In the introduction part of the chapter, students will learn the First Law of Thermodynamics. They will delve into topics like Specific Heat Capacity, State Variables in Thermodynamics, Equation of State, and Thermodynamic Processes. Students will also learn about Heat Engines, Refrigerators, and Heat Pumps and their functioning with respect to the Principles of Thermodynamics. The chapter also contains details about the Second Law of Thermodynamics along with important information on Reversible & Irreversible Processes, Carnot Engine, etc.

Students can learn about different topics and subtopics included in the chapter with the help of the Thermodynamics Physics Class 12 Notes PDF Maharashtra Board. These study materials can provide a good conceptual foundation regarding the topic which will enable the students to formulate proper answers to related questions in exams.

Benefits of MSBSHSE Class 12 Physics Chapter 4 Solutions

  • Thermodynamics is a very important chapter from which questions definitely appear in the Class 12 Maharashtra Board exams. By preparing from the solutions curated by Vedantu experts, students can definitely have a higher chance of scoring great marks. 

  • Students can learn about various topics related to Thermodynamics such as Heat Transfer, Laws of Thermodynamics, and much more. They can learn how to solve different numerical and elaborative questions from the chapter with more practice. 

  • The experts at Vedantu have designed the solutions on the basis of the syllabus and exam pattern of the Maharashtra Board. Hence, students can get to know what kind of questions are important for the board exams and how to answer such questions and get good marks. 

  • The expert scholars creating the Thermodynamics chapter solutions are well-versed with the concepts, and hence there is no doubt about the reliability and accuracy of the solutions.

Crack Your Board Exams With MSBSHSE Class 12 Physics Chapter 4

Learn the Laws of Thermodynamics and other related concepts with Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics Solutions Chapter 4 Thermodynamics. Get help from experts at Vedantu and plan your study routine to get the best results for your board exams.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Physics Chapter 4 Thermodynamics - PDF

1. What happens to the pressure of air in a cylinder if it is compressed using a piston?

If the piston manages to compress the cylinder, heat will be produced, and it will raise the temperature. If the piston is maintaining the same position, the pressure would fall, and there will be a temperature decrease.

2. Why are the laws of thermodynamics important? 

The laws of thermodynamics help in defining physical quantities such as temperature, entropy, energy, etc.

3. Describe the foundation of thermodynamics.

The Law of Energy Conservation as well as the observation that heat travels from a hot body to a cold body is the foundation of thermodynamics.

4. Give an example of negative work.

If you are trying to push an object along the floor, the work that is done by the Kinetic Friction would be negative.

5. Is it possible to lose or destroy energy?

No, energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed. It is only possible to transfer energy from one form to another.