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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Physics Chapter 2 Mechanical Properties of Fluids - PDF

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 12th Solutions for Physics Chapter 2 Mechanical Properties of Fluids – Download PDF with Solutions

In order to ace their Maharashtra Board Class 12 exams and build a proper career for themselves, students will have to conquer the subject of Physics. So, Vedantu is offering some help in that aspect by providing Mechanical Properties of Fluids solutions and notes. The chapter discloses some important details about motion and behaviour exhibited by the fluids (liquids and gases). By solving the questions and referring to our solutions, students can get a better grasp of the content for sure.

Students can definitely take some help from the important questions in the Mechanical Properties of Fluids Class 12 Exercise. Download the PDF version right now and practice using these resources in the best way. Students can definitely get a good understanding of the chapter from these helpful solutions.

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Importance of Maharashtra Board Physics Class 12 Chapter 2

Vedantu offers solutions and notes for a very important chapter included in the Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics Syllabus titled ‘Mechanical Properties of Fluids.’ Students can use the solutions to gain a better understanding of the chapter in the best way and formulate the answers for their exams. The chapter provides important details about the diverse principles, laws, and concepts that are related to the properties of fluids. The topic is inclined theoretically, but there are some practical problems that students need to know about as well.

The chapter states the importance of Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Statics. Students will get to know about the concepts of fluid pressure in various scenarios, Archimedes Principle, Pascal’s Law, Atmospheric Pressure, Viscosity, Bernoulli’s Theorem, and much more. The chapter also provides information about Surface Tension, Stoke’s Law, Poiseuille’s Formula, and Reynold Number, which are eventful concepts that help in solving different problems related to the chapter.

Detailed solutions to different questions have been provided by Vedantu with Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics Solutions Chapter 2 Mechanical Properties Of Fluids. Students can use the notes and understand the chapter in detail.

Benefits of MSBSHSE Class 12 Physics Chapter 2 Solutions

  • Important solutions for the chapter offered by the expert scholars of Vedantu have step-by-step explanations of different concepts. This will make the process of learning a bit easier for the students. 

  • Solving the questions and referencing the Mechanical Properties of Fluids Class 12 Notes PDF Maharashtra Board will help students learn all the formulas in the chapter. There are different principles and formulas used for Bernoulli’s Theorem, Surface Energy, Excess pressure, Angle of Contact, etc., which the students can master. 

  • In case you have any doubts about a specific section of the chapter, you can refer to these important questions and clarify your doubts. Proper practice will enable students to rectify their mistakes and score high marks in the examination.

Get Solutions for MSBSHSE Class 12 Physics Chapter 2 From Vedantu

Learn how fluids tend to act in motion and other important concepts by downloading Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics Important Questions Chapter 2 Mechanical Properties of Fluids from Vedantu. Include the study materials in your routine and score well in your exams.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Physics Chapter 2 Mechanical Properties of Fluids - PDF

1. What is the law of floatation?

The law of Floatation states that a particular body floats in any liquid if the weight of the liquid that is displaced due to the immersed body is equal to or more than the weight of the body.

2. Define surface tension. 

Surface tension can be defined as the force that acts on a unit length of a line which is imagined to be drawn tangentially anywhere on any free surface of a liquid that is in the state of rest.

3. What is viscosity?

It can be defined as the property of a fluid by virtue of which an internal frictional force comes into play when the fluid is in motion and would oppose the relative motion of the different layers.

4. What are the two areas where Bernoulli’s Theorem can be applied?

Bernoulli’s Theorem can be applied in an atomizer and in lifting an aeroplane wing.

5. Does Archimedes Principle hold a vessel in free fall? 

Since the acceleration due to gravity is zero during free fall, there is no buoyant force, and hence Archimedes Principle will not hold a vessel in free fall.