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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Physics Chapter 12 Electromagnetic Induction - PDF

Last updated date: 20th Apr 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Physics Chapter 12 Electromagnetic Induction – Download Free PDF with Solution

The induction of magnetism due to the flow of electric current in a conductor is called electromagnetic induction. This is the prime topic of Class 12 Physics Chapter 11 of the Maharashtra Board. This chapter explains what this is and how it can be utilised for various modern uses.

To understand the concepts of this chapter, refer to the Electromagnetic Induction Class 12 Maharashtra Board solutions prepared by the top subject experts of Vedantu. Get the simplest explanation of the concepts so that you can prepare this chapter faster and better. Download the solution file and refer to it at your convenience.

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Importance of Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics Chapter 12 Electromagnetic Induction

As mentioned earlier, electromagnetic induction is a very crucial chapter related to electricity in the Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics syllabus. It explains what electromagnetic induction is and how it is developed. Its definition and scientific description are given in this chapter.

This chapter will teach the different terms and scientific principles related to electromagnetic induction. Students will learn what happens to a conductor when it is placed in a magnetic field. They will also learn the different effects of magnetism on a conductor when the variables are changed.

This chapter will also explain Faraday’s Laws of Induction. The laws will be explained precisely with the proper mathematical derivations so that the students can figure out the physical quantities they have to study.

They will also come to know about inductance, eddy current, and Lenz’s Law. All these scientific terms will be explained using the physical quantities and their units. They will be able to formulate the equations to determine the values of the physical quantities involved.

Studying Electromagnetic Induction becomes a lot easier when you refer to the solutions prepared by the experts. These solutions are compiled followingthe latest Class 12 Physics syllabus and the standards followed by the Maharashtra Board.

Benefits of Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics Solutions Chapter 12 Electromagnetic Induction

  • These solutions have been designed following a simpler format. This format will be easily comprehensible for you. It means you can easily prepare and memorise the concepts of this chapter.

  • The easier format will also enable you to follow and recall the concepts, laws, definitions, descriptions, derivations, etc. to answer questions accurately.  

  • Once done preparing, you can move on to solve the fundamental questions asked in the exercises. After solving the questions, check and compare your answers with that of the Electromagnetic Induction Class 12 exercise solutions compiled by the experts. It will help you to evaluate your preparation level.

  • Find out how the experts have skillfully answered all the questions accurately. Follow their formats to score more in the board exams.

Download Electromagnetic Induction Class 12 Solutions PDF

Add these benefits to your study sessions by downloading the free PDF version of the solutions for this chapter. Resolve doubts on your own and make good use of your preparation time. Learn how the experts have formulated the answers to increase your skills. In this way, you can prepare for this chapter and score more in the board exam.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Physics Chapter 12 Electromagnetic Induction - PDF

1. What is inductance?

The ratio between the current flowing and the flux linkage is called inductance. Its SI unit is Henry (H).

2. What is electromagnetism?

The magnetic effect developed in a conductor due to the flow of electricity is called electromagnetism. We can clearly understand that magnetism and electricity are the two aspects of electromagnetism. Electromagnets are the best examples of electromagnetism.

3. What is electromagnetic induction?

When the intensity of a magnetic field is changed, a conductor experiences the development of an electromotive force resulting in the formation of an electric current flowing through it. Michael Faraday discovered and theorised electromagnetic induction.

4. What are the applications of electromagnetic induction?

We can find the applications of electromagnetic inductions in AC generators, electrical transformers, and magnetic flow meters. 

5. What is conductance?

The physical property of a material that shows the degree of conducting electricity is called conductance.