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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Maths Chapter 4 Pair of Straight Lines - PDF

Last updated date: 26th Nov 2023
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Maharashtra Board Class 12th Solutions for Maths Chapter 4 Pair of Straight Lines – Download PDF with Solutions

Class 12 Maharashtra Board students will have to study the chapter Pair of Straight Lines as a part of their syllabus. The chapter discusses the formation of two straight lines and the equations that can be formed using the concept. For students to get a proper understanding of the chapter, solutions for the exercises have been offered by the learned subject matter experts at Vedantu. These solutions can be included in the study routine of students to make them easily understand the chapter.

Students can practice using the solutions of Pair of Straight Lines Class 12 exercises and solve problems related to the chapter on their own. With more practice, they will easily be able to get a full understanding of the chapter and will be able to answer more complicated questions in their examination. Download the solutions for the Pair of Straight Lines Class 12 exercise right now from Vedantu.

The Trigonometric Functions Class 12 Maharashtra Board notes and solutions have been formulated systematically for the benefit of the students. They can refer to these solutions whenever required and gain a good understanding of the concepts in the chapter. With these solutions, students will be able to prepare the chapter efficiently.

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Importance of Maharashtra Board Maths Class 12 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of the Mathematics syllabus for Class 12 MSBSHSE students is Pair of Straight Lines. This chapter is of crucial importance for students because it has a significant marks weightage in the board exams. For students who want to score good marks on their 12th boards, it is important to practice with Maharashtra Board 12th Maths Solutions Chapter 4 Pair of Straight Lines Ex 4.1 and more. These exercises and solutions will allow students to grasp the contents of the chapter easily.

In the chapter, students will learn about the concept of two straight lines and how they are formed. They will learn how the graphical representation of two straight lines works. Apart from that, they will also get to know about the different Pair of Two Straight Lines formulas which can be helpful later when it comes to solving problems. The chapter also contains details about the Angle between a pair of straight lines. Students can use the formulas and principles described in the chapter to solve problems in the exercises.

Further in the chapter, students will get to know about different conditions related to the Pair of Straight Lines. These details will help students deal with problems that are based on straight lines. Different examples are also provided in the chapter to give a detailed description of the concepts to students of Class 12.

Benefits of Maharashtra Board Class 12 Maths Chapter 4 Solutions

  • In case you are having some trouble comprehending some of the concepts included in the chapter, you can take help from the experts at Vedantu. They have provided simple explanations and step-by-step details about the problems to give you a crisp sense of the chapter. 

  • You can download the Pair of Straight Lines 12th PDF Maharashtra Board and practice the solutions on your own to clarify any doubts or rectify the mistakes that you are making while solving the problems. 

  • During exam preparation, these solutions tend to be very useful materials for revision because you will not have to go through the entire chapter. Just solving the questions from the exercises and referring to the solutions can help.

Download MSBSHSE Class 12 Solutions Chapter 4 Right Now for Practice

Download Maharashtra Board 12th Maths Solutions Chapter 4 Pair of Straight Lines Miscellaneous Exercise 4 to cement your knowledge about the chapter. The notes are available on the official website of Vedantu for free. Download the PDF files and start practising.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Maths Chapter 4 Pair of Straight Lines - PDF

1. How is a pair of straight lines created? 

A pair of straight lines can be created when the products of two linear equations - x and y, which represent a straight line, are multiplied.

2. When is a pair of two lines coincidental or parallel?

A pair of two straight lines can be considered coincidental if tanθ = 0. This means if h2– ab = 0, then the lines will be parallel. 

3. When are two lines considered to be perpendicular? 

If the value of tanθ cannot be defined or a+b = 0, then the two lines would be considered perpendicular. 

4. When are two lines equally inclined to the axes?

Two lines can be considered as equally inclined to the axes if the coefficient of xy is equal to zero.

5. Mention one way to separate the equation of a pair of straight lines.

By factorizing the given second-degree equation of the pair of straight lines, you should be able to separate the equation of a pair of straight lines.