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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Maths Chapter 2 Matrices - PDF

Last updated date: 21st Feb 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 12th Solutions for Maths Chapter 2 Matrices – Download PDF with Solutions

The syllabus of class 12 Maths for the students of the Maharashtra board includes a chapter titled Matrices. In this chapter, students get to learn the different types and orders of matrices. The chapter on matrices will help students score good marks in their examinations. To get a more clear understanding of the chapter, download Matrices Class 12 Exercise 2.3 solutions and more from Vedantu.

The solutions for the Chapter Matrices have been provided by the subject matter experts at Vedantu. They have designed the solutions as per the syllabus and exam patterns of the Maharashtra Board. Hence, these solutions prove to be excellent study materials for students of Class 12. Download the solutions now and include them in your study material to understand the chapter in detail.

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Importance of Maharashtra Board Maths Class 12 Chapter 2

Matrices is one of the most important chapters included in the Class 12 Maharashtra Board Maths syllabus. This chapter introduces the concept of a matrix to students. They can solve the solutions in the exercises of the chapter to gain a better understanding of the chapter. Students will be able to learn how to identify different orders as well as the types of matrices such as Row Matrix, Column Matrix, Zero or Null Matrix, Singleton Matrix, Vertical Matrix, Horizontal Matrix, Diagonal Matrix, etc.

Further in the chapter, students will also find out about performing various basic algebraic operations on the matrices. They can have clear information about the process of Multiplication of Matrices using Scalar, Addition or Matrix, Properties of Matrix Addition, Cancellation Law, Matrix Subtraction and much more.

Apart from that, students can also familiarize themselves with the concept of an Inverse of a Matrix. They will find out the methods and process of finding the Inverse of a Matrix by using the Adjoint Method and Elementary Transformation method. They will also learn about solving the matrix system using some techniques and methods.

After solving the problems of Maharashtra Board 12th Maths Solutions Chapter 2 Matrices Ex 2.3 and more, students will be able to understand the chapter and what it contains easily. Our solutions will enable them to tackle difficult questions related to the chapter in their board examinations.

Benefits of MSBSHSE Class 12 Maths Chapter 2 Solutions

  • One of the main advantages of practising Vedantu solutions for Class 12 Chapter 2 Matrices is that students will easily be able to understand the concept of the chapter and the contents that are included in it. 

  • All the different concepts such as Types of Matrices, Cancellation Law, Matrix Algebra, etc. have been explained in detail by the experts of Vedantu using simple steps that are easy to understand. Students will have no trouble completing the chapter and answering the questions with the help of our solutions.

  • Students will also be able to clarify any doubts that they have about the chapter by referencing the solutions. They can identify the areas where they might be making any mistakes and rectify them.

Matrices Class 12 PDF Download Maharashtra Board and Prepare Easily 

Get your hands on Maharashtra Board 12th Maths Solutions Chapter 2 Matrices Ex 2.1 and more from Vedantu. If you want to wrap up your syllabus quickly and in an efficient manner, it is important to understand each and every single chapter. To tackle the difficult questions in the Matrices chapter, you can take help from the solutions provided here at Vedantu.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Maths Chapter 2 Matrices - PDF

1. Name some types of matrices.

Some of the different types of matrices include Row Matrix, Column Matrix, Null Matrix, Singular Matrix, Horizontal Matrix, Rectangular Matrix, Diagonal Matrix, etc. 

2. Is it possible to add matrices that have different dimensions?

No. In order to add or subtract two different matrices, their dimensions have to be the same. If not, the solution remains undefined.

3. What is a matrix order? 

Say a matrix has ‘a’ number of rows and ‘b’ number of columns. In that case, the order of the matrix would be a x b.

4. Mention some properties of an Identity matrix.

Here are some properties of the Identity matrix:

  • An identity matrix will also be a Square matrix. 

  • Its determinant will be one.  

  • Multiplying any matrix with a unit/identity matrix will give the same matrix as result. 

5. What would be the determinant of a diagonal matrix? 

If the matrix is diagonal, the determinant would be the product of the leading diagonal components of the matrix.