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Is it safe for the electrician to carry out electrical repairs outdoors during heavy downpour?

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint: We will first understand the properties of electricity. Electric current needs a path to flow and this path can be in the form of solids like conductors and liquids like electrolyte solutions. Electrolyte solutions conduct electricity by the means of ions dissolved in them.

Complete step by step solution:
When some salts are mixed in the liquids such as water it dissolves in water and produces ions in them. Ions are charged molecules or atoms. Just like electrons are responsible for the flow of current in the form of solids and similarly electric current flows in the liquid by the means of the ions.
Hence during monsoon season when it rains, water droplets of rain get mixed with the particles present in the atmosphere and form salts. Salts when dissolved in water it produces ions. Hence salt solutions are good conductors of electricity. These dissolved salts together with rainfall on the earth and get spread over everywhere, over everything.
The same things happen with the electric poles and electrical appliances that come in contact with the moisture of the rainwater. Hence there can be a chance of the leakage of the electric currents in the whole electric poles or on the wires. Hence during such times if someone will touch and come in contact with such objects there might be chances of electric shocks. Therefore it should be avoidable to work during heavy rains and downpours. As a result, it can be concluded that it is not safe for electricians to carry out electrical repairs outdoors during the heavy downpour.

Note: It has to be noted that this phenomenon is applicable for everyone so one should be aware of such activities that involve electrical works either it should be minor, should be avoided during rainy seasons or there might be the possibility of the electrical shocks that can lead to death also.