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How many days are present between the years 2005 and 2008 including these years?

A. 1461

B. 1460

C. 730

D. 731

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Hint Earth takes 365.25 days to complete its revolution around the earth. It is termed as one year. Usually it is taken as 365 days. But when calculated for four years the 0.25 part is multiplied four times to get one day which is the reason why a leap year has 366 days. Hence in these four years we will have \[365.25 \times 4\] days

Complete step-by-step answer
The number of days in a year is the time period in which the earth completes one revolution around the sun. It takes 365 days and a quarter to complete its one revolution around the sun in its orbit. This entire time period is termed as one year. And for every four years the quarter is multiplied 4 times so an extra day is added, in other words leap year which comes periodically every four years has one extra day that is 366 days because four time the quarter of a day is one.

Now, from 2005 to 2008 we have four years, so
$365 \times 4$
$ = 1460$ Days.

Since 2008 is a leap year it has 366 days.
$1460 + 1$

Hence the number of days is 1461 .

The correct option is A.

Note The time taken by the earth to complete one revolution is 365 days which is equal to 12 months which is equal to 52 weeks. Every year February has 28 days but for a leap year which comes after four years has one extra day, so February has 29 days on a leap year. A day is calculated by the time taken for the earth to complete one rotation on its axis which takes 24 hours.