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An elevator is moving upwards with constant acceleration. The dashed curve in the given figure shows the position y of the ceiling of the elevator as a function of time t. At the instant indicated by the point, P a bolt breaks loose and drops from the ceiling. Which of the solid curves shown best describes the position of the bolt as a function of time?

(A) I
(B) II
(D) IV

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Hint The lift is moving in an upward direction against the force of gravity. The dotted line is the plot showing the position of the ceiling of the elevator with respect to the change in time. If a bolt from the ceiling of the elevator breaks loose and falls it will be falling under gravity. We have to find which one of the four curves will represent the motion of the bolt.

Complete step by step answer:
In the given frame of reference, the net acceleration of the bolt will be downwards. Since the upward acceleration is not greater than gravity the bolt will fall down taking a straight path. Hence we can say that the polt I will represent the free fall of the bolt.
The answer is: Plot I

The acceleration of a body that is undergoing a free fall due to the gravitational force of the earth is known as acceleration due to gravity. Everybody that is freely falling from a height will experience acceleration due to gravity. It is directed towards the center of the earth. Its value might change on the surface of the earth when the position of the body changes. The value of acceleration due to gravity is different in the poles and the equator. This slight difference is due to the spherical shape of the earth. As the altitude from the surface of the earth increases the acceleration due to gravity will decrease. The value of acceleration due to gravity will decrease if we go deeper into the earth.