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JEE Main 2015 April 11th Shift 1 Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

Last updated date: 29th Nov 2023
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Download Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys 2015 JEE Main

Free PDF Download of Online JEE Main 2015 (11th April) Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys on Practicing JEE Main Physics Question Paper 2015 (11th April) will help students to score more marks in Joint Entrance Examination.


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JEE Main Physics Question Paper

The JEE Main Physics test is divided into two sections, A and B. Section A has 80% weightage, while section B has 20% weightage. The JEE Main schedule for Physics covers the syllabus both from Class 11 and 12 as coordinated by NTA. For complete details, applicants can refer to the points given in the JEE Main Physics schedule.

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FAQs on JEE Main 2015 April 11th Shift 1 Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

1. What is the weightage of Physics and Measurement and where can I find notes in the Vedantu app? 

The weightage of Physics and Measurement is 4% and Physics, technology and society, SI units, Fundamental and derived units. The least count, accuracy, and precision of measuring instruments, Errors in measurement, Dimensions of Physical quantities, dimensional analysis, and its applications come under it. One can simply log into Vedantu’s app and search for physics question papers and can find answers there. One can also find notes with detailed solutions which are precise and easy to answer. 

2. What will come under the Chapter Kinematics?

Kinematics weighs 3% in the entire paper and consists- The frame of reference. Motion in a straight line: Position-time graph, speed, and velocity. Uniform and non-uniform motion, average speed and instantaneous velocity Uniformly accelerated motion, velocity-time, position-time graphs, relations for uniformly accelerated motion. Scalars and Vectors, Vector addition and Subtraction, Zero Vector, Scalar and Vector products, Unit Vector, Resolution of a Vector. Relative Velocity, Motion in a plane. Projectile Motion, Uniform Circular Motion. Vedantu provides you with top results and study material on these topics. 

3. Are Oscillations and Waves important in Physics when preparing for IIT JEE?

Oscillations and Waves weigh 3% and are hence important. It consists of Periodic motion - period, frequency, displacement as a function of time. Periodic functions. Simple harmonic motion (S.H.M.) and its equation; phase; oscillations of a spring -restoring force and force constant; energy in S.H.M. - Kinetic and potential energies; Simple pendulum - derivation of expression for its time period; Free, forced and damped oscillations, resonance.

Wave motion. Longitudinal and transverse waves, speed of a wave. Displacement relation for a progressive wave. Principle of superposition of waves, a reflection of waves, Standing waves in strings and organ pipes, fundamental mode and harmonics, Beats, Doppler effect in sound. 

4. Does Optics cover the major part of the paper? 

Yes, it holds 10% weightage and consists of  General Concepts used in Geometrical Optics, Reflection of Light, Reflection from a Spherical Surface, Refraction of Light and Refractive index of Medium, Law of Refraction, Single Refraction from Plane Surface, Shift due to a Glass Slab, Refraction from Spherical Surface, Lens Theory, Total Internal Reflection, Refraction through Prism, Deviation, Optical Instruments. 

5. How to prepare for Optics with the help of Vedantu?

Optics includes a ton of new terms and theories, and there is an extremely wide scope of questions that can be posed from this section. You can find solved and unsolved question papers on Vedantu’s app and website. These questions will guide you to understand the type of questions that appear from different sections. This insight will help you understand Optics from the standpoint of the exam. You must use such tricks and tips to advance your preparation.